Tuesday, April 1, 2014

And Out Like a Lamb

You know that old saying about March … “in like a lion, out like a lamb”.  Our March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb.  We had freezing rain, sleet and snow at the beginning of the month and a delightful day at the end … breezy but warm with a high that flirted with the 70’s.  Winking smile  Today is windier but should still be in the 60’s with sunshine to  help warm things up.  A fabulous day ahead.

Today is my first day back to my normal routine, and while I’m looking forward to that (as well as getting caught up on a lot of the housework that I just didn’t have the energy or ambition to do), I have to admit that I’m sure missing my Ts this morning!  Sad smile

One of the first things I’m doing now that things are back to “normal” here at Chez Nana is to get out and walk with my neighbor Lois.  I have to admit that without a walking partner, it’s been way too easy for me to put off my daily walking. 

Yesterday was Opening Day … and here in Cardinal Nation, that’s a pretty big deal … but not as big a deal as Opening Day at Busch Stadium.  Winking smile  We used to go to the Opening Day game, but it’s gotten almost impossible to get tickets for that game … so we watch on TV … where we can guarantee that it will be warm and dry.  Ha!

DH has offered to keep me company on my trip to a quilt shop about an hour up the highway … I’ve got a one-day quilting retreat coming up next week, and I want to start a quilt for our bed.  I’ve long wanted to make a quilt for our bed, but for the longest time, I was drawing a blank on what pattern I wanted to use.  I finally found the perfect one!  It’s a block called “Kiss” (appropriate, no?) … and it creates a secondary pattern when the blocks are assembled into a top (which I love!).  It is a simple block so it should piece up fairly quickly (I hope). 

Happy April Fools Day!


  1. We were enjoying pretty nice weather as March began, but have had snow the past few days--including today. So things didn't go as planned here. But if my daffodils aren't covered in snow a few times each Spring they might wonder what was wrong. : )
    I really like the block pattern you are planning to make. Anything with chains grabs my attention and I think the piecing in the middle of the chains, once the blocks are assembled, will make an interesting design. Have you chosen colors?

  2. We were just the opposite. Here March went out like a lion. I hope it stays nice for a while.
    Your new quilt sounds wonderful.
    I have said the same thing about making one for my bed.
    Have a lovely day/

  3. People everywhere getting excited about Baseball season... here in Basketball Country, everyone is getting depressed its winding down.

  4. Yes, I need to get to walking too. I just bought a harness for the puppy so I can take her with me. I think it will be good for both of us. I've gone once, but she was a little scared, so we'll have to work on getting her accustomed to it. Me too for that matter, as it's been a while since I've walked regularly.

  5. Go Cardinals!!!!

    The weather is not so nice here today. Chilly again!

  6. Love that Kiss block you plan to use for a quilt for you and your honey! Sorry you are missing your T's but maybe you can squeeze some time in with them soon. Your upcoming quilt class sounds fun! Kathi

  7. Happy April Kathy, Just trying to get by everybody's blog to say hi.
    I love the pattern you choose! Hoping that we all have lots and lots of sunny days this month.
    Have a great day.

  8. Glad you are having a great day - in the 30s and windy here but sunny! We'll take it! The kiss block reminds me a little of an Irish Chain - can't wait to see your colors. ~Jeanne

  9. Yes, ours went out like a lamb as well and I was sooooo happy!

    Sunny days, a little quilting and a little getting back in your regular routine. Sounds like a plan!

  10. March was a month of back and forth weather here. We would have a day of warmth then winter would be back complete with snow or sleet. It repeated that pattern the entire month. I think spring might finally be here to stay now, Bradford's are blooming. Hope you DD feeling better

  11. Impressive how you can have multiple quilt projects going at the same time! Whew...makes my head spin just thinking about it!! Proud of you for walking...I went to the gym today for the first time in months. I walked 2 miles. Legs were a little shaky when I was done...gotta get back in shape!!

  12. I'm happy that our April is bringing showers that are very much needed in California. You deserve some nice weather. Glad you out walking again!


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