Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Calm Before More Storms


Technically, I guess with as windy as it is, it might not be considered “calm” right now.  But it’s not storming, so in that sense, maybe it is “calm”.  We’ve got more storms coming this afternoon/evening.  Hopefully they won’t be as fierce as yesterday’s storms … there were tornado warnings and sightings to the north, but “all” we got here were strong winds, heavy rains and hail … lots of hail.  I never saw it hail that long before … thankfully the hail wasn’t very large (although it got larger as it was falling).

Hail Storm

This was taken at the very beginning, before much hail had fallen and before the hail stones had gotten bigger.  The creek out back was full of running water … under normal conditions, it may have an inch or two of water in it … I wanted to take a picture, but I wasn’t willing to get out in the rain to get a decent photo.


I have to share what DD posted on Facebook yesterday afternoon: 

So the sirens go off here, and we dutifully head to the basement. Being the resourceful mom I am, I tell the kids we are going to clean up the family room. I send T#4 up the stairs to put shoes in the hall closet, just at the top of the stairs. She runs back downstairs whimpering, "It almost got me!" DRAMA!


I got several triangles pieced together into blocks … I didn’t count them, but I’m guessing I’ve got maybe 60-70 blocks.  I need 256, so you can see that I have a ways to go.  I haven’t pressed the blocks open, so I need to do that today so I can share a picture.  I’ll be back in the sewing room today, working on my triangle blocks. 

Keep Calm and Stitch On


I’ve never labeled a quilt of mine … I know, I know.  But any quilts that I’ve given away were given to DD and her family … I mean, they know who made them and who they were made for.  But it occurred to me as I’m looking at my mom’s quilt, that knowing when and why it was made is as important as knowing who made it … not to mention that if my quilts last long enough (I make them to be used), my great grands (or maybe even great great grands) might not know who made them.  After doing some research, I found the perfect labels here!  I love that they include some of my most favorite verses of scripture (from 1 Cor. 13) and that they have space for me to provide some details.  It will take a little while for them to arrive, but that’s ok, it’s going to take more than a little while for me to piece together the herringbone top and then get it hand quilted.  Winking smile  I’ll share a better picture of mine when they arrive.


Hope y’all have a terrific Tuesday!



  1. I've been seeing the disastrous results of those storms everywhere! It worries me that it's headed our way... I'm glad you escaped the worst of its wrath. I hope that trend continues!

    I love those quilt labels. They will be an 'extra finishing touch' for your projects.

    I hope your garden planting goes smoothly, and you have a bountiful season :)

  2. We had some storms move through our area, too, and more are on the way from what I hear. I don't mind thunderstorms, but anything worse than that makes me uneasy. Stay safe and good luck with your quilting!

  3. Stay safe. Tornado's scare the dickens out of me - we did not have them in VT but occasionally get a warning in FL. Good luck with the triangles.

  4. Such scary weather...glad everything there is OK. We have fierce HOT winds here today. I'd love to see some rain and hail. But we are suppose to be at 95 or so ALL week. : ( Moving right along on your triangles..good work!

    I imagine I will post about it but I had a near disaster with my quilt yesterday. I got the borders on but knew something was very wrong. I had put borders on my runners and they came out perfectly so I just couldn't imagine what was wrong. I took it over to the local quilting shop and the ladies there helped me to see that the borders were NOT measured and therefore pulling in places etc. I had to come home and take them both COMPLETELY off. Took me an hour and half of straight ripping! I could have cried, lol. I think I've got it down now how to do them right. Honestly it was just soo me. I tried to just "whip" them on. NOTHING in quilting is done quickly! Everything must be precise, accurate, measured, and done with care. That means I will be pinning, pinning, pinning. I know it is weird but I can set in sleeves, set a collar, hem etc. with NEVER using a pin and they come out perfectly. It is just NOT going to fly with quilting, lol. So it will be a whole new me, because I am pressing on. Sorry for this long comment. Hope your day is a good one!

  5. We were lucky with the storms, only rain and a little lightening!

  6. So glad to hear you storms weren't too severe. I am so sadden though for the people in Arkansas that lost loved ones. Keeping them in my prayers. I am terrible about labeling and lately have had those same thoughts. If my quilts survive that long and are handed down in the family the history will be lost. I hope to make some labels and put them on some of the quilts. Thank you so much for the link. Love those labels!

  7. This time of year can be scary. I will be glad when tornado season is over. I guess that is why I have always preferred fall. Thanks for the poster I am going to sit and applique some stems,very motivating.

  8. Stay safe and I hope no storms with Tornadoes come your way. That is a lot of triangles. Now that I know what your cutter is I thought you did it all with a rotary cutter. Your triangles and your storm at sea were so perfect I knew I would never be able to get mine that perfect. Did you use that Go cutter on your Storm at Sea?
    I feel like the world opened up. :)

  9. Be safe my friend, In our town in Colorado, they took out the tornado sirens because they never used them. That was the year we got the big one that destroyed a lot of the town. At least with a tornado, you have warnings to watch for, unlike earthquakes that give no warnings. I am ready to get to our new home and set up house. Have a great afternoon.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. Love the "drama" story! It is so cute.

    I ordered a yard of labels of my own design from spoonflower and have been very happy with them.

  11. We were watching some of the storm news on Detroit TV last night - scary times! Everybody should be as resourceful as your DD! I don't usually label my quilts, either - I tend to think if they were actual works of art.....

  12. Hope things are good at your home. I think the labels are an excellent idea, glad you found some that you like. Take care.....


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