Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday’s Stuff

I’m slowly but surely making progress with my triangles for DD’s quilt … and it’s a good thing that the progress is a little on the slower side, as she’s rethinking the herringbone setting … she’s thinking that maybe she’d rather have the triangles set in a chevron pattern.  I’m ok with either way … it’s simply a matter of how I set the triangle blocks … as long as she makes a decision before I start to assemble the blocks into rows, which I’m hoping will be by the end of next week. 

Here are some blocks auditioned in the original herringbone setting (and yes, I know that they need to be pressed ha!):
photo (3)
Here they are auditioned in the chevron setting:
photo (2)
The colors in the first photo are more accurate … the photos were taken in the same spot, under the same lighting, within a minute or two of each other … not sure why there’d be such a pronounced difference in the colors.  I’m not sure that there are enough blocks of the chevron setting to get a very good idea of how it’ll look … I think I’d need another row or two. 

Yesterday I got to spend some time with my favorite 6 year old. 
We played with his superhero figurines.  He’s really been fighting allergies this spring … you can see it in his puffy eyes.  But he certainly looks a lot better than he did Thursday evening.
(The “waffle” imprint on his nose is from the compressor … he had another massive nosebleed just before this picture was taken.  Seeing him like that just broke this Nana’s heart.)

It was not a nice morning when Lois and I walked at 7:30 … chilly and dreary.  But the sun has come out, and it’s just as delightful as can be.  I really ought to get some work done on DD’s quilt, but I’ll be honest and tell you that I’d much rather be outside.  It’s a little too windy … otherwise, I would have to give serious consideration to maybe even moving the sewing machine out to the deck.  Open-mouthed smile   Maybe I can work on my hexies out on the deck.  DH and I spent a while out in our garden … he and John (Lois’s husband who also has raised bed gardens) will put in the green bean fences.  Tomorrow DH and I will plant green beans and put in our tomatoes and zucchini.

More proof that spring has sprung:  our dogwood bloomed (not as much as I would have liked, but it did bloom), our lilac is just starting to bloom, our ajuga (aka bugleweed) is blooming, and we’ve had to mow our lawn 6 times already!  I love spring! 

Hope spring has sprung wherever you are!


  1. I don't understand that about photos either. It is so hard to take photo and have the colors look right. I try with the flash, without the flash, and etc. So sorry for your little grandson. I hope it is seasonal and will not last long. Happy gardening!!

  2. it is back to being warm today - near 80 I think - I'm ready for it to stay nice and mild now for a short while at least but now that it is May it well get hot soon

  3. Well chevron is definitely in fashion right now! Oh my, he looks so miserable with those allergies, poor little guy. Enjoy your lilac brush. I miss them from Illinois.

  4. Chevrons or triangles are a difficult choice. Perhaps you can do a test block which can be later made into a pillow? Aw...poor little guy with allergies. I love to be outside when the weather is nice. Hand stitching is great for outdoor weather, but spring yard work can take precedence.

  5. Sunshine today and NO Rain! A good day! When DS2 was a little boy, he had a terrible time with allergies - so very hard! Hopefully your littleT will get better as he ages. Can't wait to see what your DD decides.. ~Jeanne

  6. Today was a beautiful day here in St. Louis and I was outside enjoying it! It sounds like you all have quite a veggie garden, that's wonderful! You will so enjoy reaping the benefits of that later this summer! Everyone in the neighborhood is out! Sorry that your grandson suffers so with allergies hope he gets relief soon!! Hey, didn't you love quilt show at Paducah!? I am always so inspired by all the beautiful quilts! I'll never live long enough to make all the great quilts I want to make!! Ha!

  7. Cool and dreary and drizzly here in Florida today! Love how the herringbone is turning out... that will be nice... your angle on the camera changed between pics... the camera took in more or less light the second shot giving you more color distortion.. hope that made sense... try to return the camera to an angle that looks good to you on the screen and go for it... most of my pics are with my phone :) Kathi

  8. Good start on your daughter's quilt. I think it will look great with either setting. It warmed up nicely here today over 80. I need to focus on my applique but it is so hard with the gorgeous weather. I worked in my garden a bit and helped my husband with some lawn work. Now I am too tired to stitch. There is always tomorrow.

  9. Well I like either of the pattern choices, and I know it will be beautiful. Glad you are having some nice weather. It is STILL quite warm here, though tomorrow it is suppose to start cooling down some. Poor little guy. Yes, it looks like allergies are giving him a hard time. Reminds me of a middle son. A constant battle we fought. Hope the rest of your week-end is good!


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