Sunday, May 25, 2014

And This Little Piggy Slow Stitched All the Way Home


Our trip is over … we are home.  Talk about your mixed feelings - I’m so glad to be home, yet I want to be back on Hilton Head Island! 


We drove 9 hours yesterday and 4 hours this morning … I got 144 hexies basted.  Not too bad considering that I didn’t work on them at all between Spartanburg, SC and Knoxville, TN (too mountainous … too much risk of motion sickness).  Here are my 144 hexies (it doesn’t look like that many, does it?).photo 2-001I’m linking up to Kathy’s slow stitching party


Part of the enjoyment of walking along the beach is the interesting sights we see along our walks.  We encountered a sea turtle nest on our walk Thursday 2 (3)

We came upon a gecko Thursday afternoon … we always seem to come across at least one on our trips to Hilton Head. 

photo 2 (2)


Friday’s walk on the beach was even more enjoyable because we saw dolphins!  We don’t consider a trip to Hilton Head complete until we see dolphins at least once … but we hadn’t been out at the right time to see any this year … until Friday.  They were pretty close in (as is often the case), but I didn’t have my camera with me.  Sad smile  We also encountered more crabs.


I love the track left by the one crab.  And to “celebrate” our crab sighting, I “had” to have a soft-shell crab sandwich for lunch!  Winking smile


We also booked a condo for our fall trip!  A “mere” 3 1/2 months away.  Winking smile


I’m not expecting to have any more time with my needle and thread today … we’re unpacked and I’m trying to get caught up on laundry.  And more importantly, I’m going to get some T-time tonight!  DD and DSIL are taking the two bigs to a double feature at the drive in tonight (Heaven Is For Real and God’s Not Dead) to celebrate their last day of school. 


And now through Thursday the 29th, you can vote on the Blogger’s Quilt Festival (the link is to the hand quilted category, where I’ve entered my blue and white log cabin that I blogged about here).  You can see all the quilts by clicking on the categories here.  Here’s your chance to be a judge at a quilt show!  Winking smile


One last thing:  I am sending out an SOS to my fellow quilters.  I bought the connecting fabric for my Martha Washington’s Flower Garden … the red hexies in the picture of my 144 hexies … at the time when I thought I was going to make this quilt as a wall-sized quilt.  I found I enjoyed the whole hexie process so much that it looks like my MWFG is going to be a bed-sized quilt.  Which means that I don’t have enough red fabric.  Sad smile  I Googled the fabric I’m using, but I cannot find an online source for it.  I was rather hoping that someone either knew of a good source for out of stock fabrics or might have a little bit that she wouldn’t mind parting with (I’ll be happy to pay shipping and handling to get it here to SW Illinois).  It’s Windham Fabrics’ Worn and Loved by Jeanne Horton – #29523-1.  fabric


The first load of laundry is ready to go into the dryer … I’d better get hoppin’ or there won’t be any clean clothes for tomorrow!  Have a blessed Sunday!



  1. welcome back from your vacation, always hard to get back into the groove of things isn't it. Good luck on the fabric hunt

  2. Welcome home.. Glad you have your next trip booked... and get T time tonite! That will be sweet :) they picked a great double feature to see as a celebration! Loving your hexies and hope you find more of that fabric in a quilt shop somewhere that specializes in it or something... Good luck! Kathi

  3. Oh, laundry is the worse part of a trip for sure and the unpacking. But, it has to be done.

    Looks like a lot of hexies to me for sure!

    Will run over and give you a vote as I'm sure you deserve to win anyway.

    Happy week!

  4. Welcome Home! Isn't it nice to know you'll be back in a little over 3 months???! Have a wonderful evening. ~Jeanne

  5. Coming back from vacation is always bittersweet. So glad you had some hexies to keep you busy on the long drive. Good luck on your fabric search. I don't have any or I would be happy to share.

  6. Welcome back! Congrats on finishing so many hexies! I hope you find the red fabric that you need!

  7. Welcome home. I just looked at Kathy's page and picked out your thumbnail link right off =).
    Lots of pretty hexagons to stitch up. Alas - none of that fabric in my stash. What if you found a coordinating fabric line to make it to the size you would like?

  8. It is so hard to come back from vacation and go back to the same old routine again like laundry! Yack! But if it wasn't for vacation, what would we be looking forward to? Welcome back!

  9. Welcome home! Glad you had a safe trip!

  10. Lovely use of otherwise idle time!! I too love to take my hexi's along in the car for some stitching.

  11. having sewn just a FEW hexies thus far in my lifetime I consider 144 to be a major achievement/ wow!

    I have seen so many people rave about both of those movies!

  12. I couldn't find your quilt. Which category is it in

  13. That looks like a lot of hexies to me! I tried sewing mine in the truck driving to Fairbanks, it is a rough ride so did not make much progress, How exciting to know you will be going back in just a few months. I am so gad you had a good trip! I am sorry I don't have any of the fabric you need or I would send it right away. I hope you find some!

  14. Sounds like a wonderful vacation.
    I have a friend who used to say it was so hard to come back home to all of the piled up chores that she wasn't sure if it was worth it to go anywhere in the first place. I disagree--as I'm sure you do.
    Lots of hexies! Good job! That must feel good.
    Not much Windham Fabric in my LQSs, so I didn't think I would have it, and I don't. Sorry

  15. Glad you got your stitching done. Sounds like you had a nice trip and I am sure you enjoyed your time with your grandchildren. I know they missed you!


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