Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cheering on the Swimmers … Long Distance


T#1 and T#2 are swimming this weekend, but Nana and Papa had to stay behind to watch the two little ones.  This is a large meet, with no crash room, so expecting the little ones to sit through a long afternoon on the pool deck (especially a little one who would be skipping her nap) is asking for trouble.  Daddy had to work today, so Nana and Papa got drafted to watch the littles.  While we love the time with the two littles, we miss being able to cheer on the swimmers … so we’re following along at home, thanks to our Meet Mobile App.


I’m taking advantage of the down time (T#4 is napping and T#3 is having some quiet time) to get back to work on trimming my triangle blocks (for DD’s quilt).  photo

The stack on the right are the trimmed blocks as of this morning.  The trimmed stack is now about twice as high as the untrimmed stack … so I’m making progress.  The job was made MUCH easier thanks to my Bloc Loc ruler!  I cannot imagine how tedious (and inaccurate) the job would have been with a standard square ruler.  I wonder … will trimming these blocks count as Slow Sunday Stitching?  I’ll take some hexies with me to work on during the swim meet tomorrow.


I realize I forgot to show you what I got for Mother’s Day … from DD and her (1)

I have to admit I got a little teary-eyed.  (The Willow Tree figurines were gifts from them on other occasions.)  Red heart Red heart Red heart


We’ve got rain in the area … wonder if we’ll get any today.  We’ve had rain in the forecast every day, but I’m not sure we actually got any here … although we did drive through rain on our way to St. Louis yesterday afternoon as well as on our way home. 


Have a spectacular Saturday!



  1. Well I am going to be leaving here and looking up this ruler you are talking about! Especially since the next quilt I have finally settled on is also made up of half square triangles. Love the figurines! Hope your grandkids do well!

  2. I hope the T's do well at the swim meet! How cool that you can connect with the app. I will definitely be checking out the ruler you mentioned. I have not heard of that one before. I was on a swim team from age 10 to 17. I love to swim, but do not have access to a pool here.

  3. Love your sweet! Hope the meet went sure and share the results!

  4. I have several of those Willow Tree figurines too. I love them!

  5. I have several of the Willow Tree myself and I love them all. In fact, I got another one for Mother's Day as well.

    Can't believe you are already working on another quilt. You are so energetic!

    Happy Lord's Day!

  6. Guess I'd better look into Bloc Lock Rulers! Hope your weekend is going great. ~Jeanne

  7. So sorry you had to miss the meet! I'm used to having to just hear about my grands events, but it was such a joy to actually watch them play last week! That's a great app you've got there!

    I bet Kathy would let you slide without a word on your slow "stitching" LOL!!!

    What a lovely Mother's Day gift! And I am sure well deserved and totally heartfelt :)

  8. I've been trying to find that ruler in a 1.5" size. No luck in stores. I've kept the little half square triangles from putting binding together. They'd probably trim to 1.5" HST. Finished 1" tiny, but maybe a cute baby doll quilt someday.
    SWEET Mother's Day gift! My son gave me 4 prints of the skylines of the cities we lived in as a family. Brought tears to my eyes. My daughter gave me a Target gift card. She knows my love language. I picked out a couple of lanterns made with wood and metal.

  9. How cool that you can keep up with what's going on through the app!
    Love Willow Tree Figurines!

  10. Love your Willow Tree figurines. They are one of my favorite collections......


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