Monday, January 19, 2015

Catching Up


While it’s “only” been 3 days since I blogged last, it sure feels like it’s been a lot longer than that … probably because it’s been a very busy 3 days.


Friday DH and I had planned to go up to the swim meet early so we could stop in a small town outside Springfield … on the same block are a quilt shop and a coin shop.  I’ll give you 3 guesses who’s going to visit the quilt shop and who’ll visit the coin chop.  Ha!  But DD got a phone call that someone dear to her had recently been diagnosed with cancer so she wanted to go be with her that morning … instead of visiting a quilt shop, I got to spend my morning with the Ts.  Red heart  No complaints here. 


The Ts had a fantastic meet … they dropped times and placed well.  The facility was spectacular … a decent amount of seating near the pool with no blocked sight lines, a huge crash room with a scoreboard and a video board, and not too far from hotels and restaurants.  Best meet venue ever.  A good crash room is vital to the meet experience as there are significant amounts of time spent in the crash room (and if the crash room is small, Nana and Papa have to stay out on the pool deck between events … and let me tell you, even the folding stadium seats get mighty uncomfortable after a few hours … and there are some long days at these meets … because T#1 qualified for finals, we were at the pool for over 13 hours Saturday).  And of course equally important to a good meet experience is a well-packed bag.  Ha!IMG_2850IMG_2851IMG_2855I love this picture … T#2 and her friend were sitting in the same chair, FaceTiming each other.  Silly girls!  Winking smile


And as you can see, there was still snow on the ground … just an hour and a half to the north … we haven’t had snow on the ground since Thanksgiving. 


IMG_2853Nana has to bring a well-packed back as well, although my bag wasn’t as well packed as it should have been … I forgot my hand cream.  Surprised smile


When the 2014-15 YMCA swim season started last fall, DD and DSIL moved the kiddos to a new team, and that was one of the best moves … the coaches spend time working on improving techniques as well as building strength and endurance, and they actually care about the swimmers.  The parents are determined to build a TEAM … several families and the coaches had dinner together Sunday after the meet.  I’m here to tell you that it just warms this Nana’s heart.  IMG_2867 Here’s Coach Joel dancing with T#4.  Red heart  He’ll also join in one of the many card games underway or play toss. 


On the way home, DH and I had a little drama.  About 10 minutes into our trip, DH happened to check the gas gauge and saw it sitting on empty.  He was shocked because he had filled up the van on the way to the pool that morning … and we didn’t do any other driving prior to heading for home.  We assumed gauge malfunction, but thankfully DH decided to pull off at the next exit and fill up … just in case.  We expected to just top off the tank, but to our surprise, it took almost 17 gallons to fill up that tank!  Surprised smile  DH saw no evidence of a leak at the gas station, nor did he see any this morning after the van sat in the garage overnight.  The only thing we can think is that someone stole our gas?  Seriously?  I mean, who does that?  Especially with gas under $2/gallon now. 


As I’ve mentioned last month, I got a summons for jury service this week.  Because of the holiday, my first day would have been tomorrow, but thankfully, I’m not required to report tomorrow.  A couple of years ago, our county changed the reporting system. After 4:30pm the day before, potential jurors can check online or by phone to see if they’re going to have to report the following day.  What a change from the days of reporting and sitting and sitting and sitting while waiting to see if we have been chosen to serve.  Because of the holiday, the information was available after 4:30 Friday.  Sure made my weekend a lot more enjoyable knowing that I didn’t have to report Tuesday morning.  I’ll still have to check tomorrow evening to see if I have to report Wednesday morning … and Wednesday and Thursday evenings as well, unless they release me at some point.  I’m certainly hoping for a release … and sooner rather than later.  I’ve been called 6-7 times and have served on 3 juries.  Time for someone else to do their civic duty.  Winking smile


Since DH and I didn’t get to stop on the way to the meet, we’re thinking that we’ll take advantage of the delightful day today and head up this morning.  DH is always up for a road trip … and of course, I’m always up for visiting a new quilt shop.  Some of the gals at the guild meeting last Monday said that they’ve been to this shop and it’s worth the drive.  Not to mention that this shop offers weekend retreats several times a year … with one coming up this weekend.  I’d sure like to participate … if they’ll accept a last-minute registration (what with jury duty, it’s entirely possible that I might not know until as late as Thursday afternoon if I’ll be available Friday).  Plus they have another retreat coming up in March … I definitely want to sign up for that one. 


I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!


  1. sounds like you had a very busy weekend - I haven't heard of anyone stealing gas in such a long time but it certainly sounds like that was the case in your instance. Strange! Your jury system sounds like ours I had to report once but just had to call and I never had to go in to serve, they didn't need me that whole month.

  2. Was the shop in Rochester, Kathy? Hope it all works out for you to fit in to the retreat!

  3. Retreats can be so much fun. I hope it works out for you. Hand lotion is one of my essential items in my sewing bag too!

  4. You must be an excellent juror to be called so many times!
    Wonderful to see you hand stitching away over there!

  5. I don't put anything past people anymore... stealing gas.. sure... people are just messed up.
    Hope you enjoy your day & a fun road trip!!!
    Still lifting up prayers for your test today

  6. Such a busy but fun filled weekend you had... thanks for the catch up post! Glad jury duty may let you rest tomorrow! Kathi

  7. Wow, you've been a busy lady! Sounds like fun times.
    I can't believe how your gas disappeared! It's crazy to think that someone stole it, but I know it happens. Glad hubby noticed the gauge!

  8. Hope you enjoyed your quilt shop today and also hope you were able to get into the retreats.

  9. WOW how weird about the gas. Sure sounds like it had to be stolen. Amazing someone would do that huh? Good thing hubby noticed you needed it though and checked it out. Hope you enjoyed the quilt shop today. The one by me closed downed (I am sure I've mentioned it a few times) and the next closest one is a good 35 minutes away. I hated to see that happen. Hope you don't get called to duty...sounds like you have done your fair share. Have a good week!

  10. Your Grands are so cute! Love the pics. The gas is really a mystery - sadly one that probably won't be solved! Hope you get back to Rochester to the quilt shop today. We have a little snow and fog this morning so no road trips here. Enjoy! ~Jeanne

  11. Always enjoy seeing photos of your grandkids! Chris is in Detroit right now and he sent me a video of it snowing. Here, it's supposed to reach the upper 60's and it feels like springtime. Cold weather isn't for me!

  12. No snow since Thanksgiving-wow, our snow is finally melting but more is on the way. I'm so ready for spring; I am bummed because we had to cancel Charleston. Now I'm hoping our friends will come here and we can take them on a local road trip. Anxious to get down to sew this afternoon.
    Hugs, Noreen

  13. Very strange on the gas. I had it go down a bit once but it was the seal on the cap and needed to be replaced. Sounds like a very busy weekend.

  14. Today is Wednesday, I wondered if you got called to Jury Duty. We have to do it the same way you described too.
    I think that quilt store sounds nice and you have certainly been really busy. Your Grand kids are look like a nice bunch of kids.
    It looks lovely. I hope you have a nice week.


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