Saturday, January 24, 2015

Is It Really Saturday?


I guess I’m all turned about after 6-7 days of busy-ness last weekend and earlier this week … as it surely doesn’t feel like Saturday to me. 



I’ve been making up for “lost time” in the sewing room.  I’ve got all 63 blocks pieced and am now sewing them into rows.  I’ve finished 5 of the 9 rows … after I finish #9, it’ll be time to sew those rows together.  I hope I can take a picture then … I won’t be done with the top as I’ll be adding borders … but it’ll be nice to have an idea of how the finished quilt will look. 



I’ve been working on my Martha Washington’s Flower Garden blocks after dinner.  I have hexies cut out for the current block and 2 more … then it’ll be time to start piecing the blocks together.  I will still need to make partial blocks, but I’ll have a better idea of how many to make once I have the full blocks together.  This is where a design wall would be a nice thing to have … although will EPP’d blocks stick to a design wall, I wonder?  IMG_1130-001Once again, my photography skills leave a little to be desired (I even made sure that I took the picture near a south-facing window – there was no direct sunlight, but it should have been bright enough for more accurate photographs, or so I thought) … that inner ring is a more chocolate brown than it appears. 



I found this on Pinterest this morning … this is definitely my story, and I’m sticking to it!  Winking smilequilts-vs-clean-house


The sun is finally back … there’s just something about seeing the sun shining that makes my heart smile.  Having 6-foot windows in a house with an open floor plan means there aren’t very many walls (for hanging quilts and pictures or placing furniture), but it does mean that there’s plenty of sun shining in. Sun



I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!


  1. it's Saturday? lol - sometimes all days seem to be the same to me - my routine varies so little. I have very few walls available to hang quilts too - we have a lot of built in bookcases which I liked when we moved here years ago - Mike built them - but now with kindles we purchase books less and have actually got rid of a zillion over the past few years - now I would rather have walls to hand quilts!!

  2. Have a great day too, and I love this picture, sooooo true!!

    If you want, you are welcome to enter my fabric giveaway, from Fat Quarter Shop!

  3. I totally love that Martha Washington hexie project you are doing. Is it a pattern or did you draw it yourself? We are underneath 4" of heavy wet slushy snow this day and it is GRAY again! I so do miss the Sun--tell me, it IS still there? RIGHT? ;--((( hugs, Julierose

  4. Wow! You HAVE been busy! We have a picture window in our living room & a sliding glass door in the kitchen, so we have plenty of sunshine coming in on that side of the house; unfortunately not so much at the other end of the house. Have a good rest of the weekend!

  5. Love that you almost have your quilt together into a centerpiece :) That is very exciting... I love your MW blocks... they are lovely.. Thanks for the catch up :) Kathi

  6. You are one busy girl! Glad the new quilt is getting close to hand quilting time. I've been sewing all day but I did take time for a walk - just had to get out in the sunshine for a while. We haven't seen much of the sun lately. ~Jeanne

  7. You certainly don't let any time go to waste! Sounds like you have made great progress on two quilts!
    I pin my paper pieced stuff to my design wall, since it is made with foam insulation board.

  8. My hubby made me a design wall several years ago. He used foam board insulation covered with a flannel sheet. When I need to hang something up that is kind of heavy, like a whole row of quilt blocks, I use a pin to stick right into the foe board. If you want to know more details, let me know. I totally love the design wall.

  9. Exactly right! Enjoy your stitching and steer clear of any housework!


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