Friday, January 30, 2015

I Hit the Jackpot!


Yesterday, I decided to take it easy another day … and spent the day in my recliner, quilting away on T#3’s quilt.  Mid-afternoon, I got a call from a friend from our old church, asking if I wanted to take a couple of quilt tops off her hands.  Did I?  Well, of course I did!


I love anything with stars, and this Lone Star variation is no exception.  Unfortunately, as you can see, it doesn’t lay flat, and the white fabric is awfully thin.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to tame it with a good pressing. 



Isn’t this Flying Dutchman just a happy quilt.  While the white fabric isn’t LQS quality, it does seem to be a little better than the white in the Lone Star top, and it does lay nice and flat. 


The Lone Star was machine pieced, while the Flying Dutchman was hand pieced.  They’re both about the same size … I didn’t measure them when I had them laid out, but I think they’ll both finish as lap-sized. 


I’ll probably start with the Flying Dutchman … when I can get to it.  I’m in the middle of quilting T#3’s quilt, and I’ve got several other projects started.  But when I finish those other projects up, I’ll have a couple of quilts ready for quilting. 



I am about done with block #7 of T#3’s quilt. 


This when I moved the hoop to quilt block #6 … if you click on it, you can enlarge it and perhaps see a little of the quilting in the center. 



I was able to stay up later than usual last night … not that it made a bit of difference … I was up at 2:45 this morning.  Surprised smile  In the past, I couldn’t fall asleep at night if I’d taken an afternoon nap (unless I was sick) … I’m wondering if that would be the case now with my whacked-up sleep cycle.  Today might be the day to give it a try.  Ha!



The Ts are swimming again tomorrow … it’s a one-day meet over in St. Charles (about an hour from here).  Warm-ups start at 12:00 (unusual!, especially for a one-day meet), so DH and I will plan an outing before.  We’ll drop off my sewing machine for its annual tune-up and grab lunch somewhere. 



I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy ... have a great day!


  1. You did hit the jackpot on those quilt tops... and hopefully a good press will help your lone star variation lay flat :) Love the Flying Dutchman flimsy and glad that will be in your hoop some day in the future though! So sorry your sleeping is so fitful right now... not fun at all !!! I hope your machine enjoys it's spa visit and your grandkids do good in their swim meet :) Have a blessed weekend Kathy! Kathi

  2. I'm sure you will work wonders on both of those quilts.

    I hope you can get some good sleep in soon.

  3. What a great friend! Love the quilts. Bummer on the sleep. Hopefully you can get a good nights sleep soon. Have you tried an over the counter 8 hour sleep pill? I have not but I know my MIL does that for a day or two when her sleeping schedule gets off.

  4. What a Jackpot! Can't wait to see these two quilted. Good luck on your sleep. When I wake early like that, I no longer allow myself to get up (otherwise I do throw off my schedule). I force myself to lie quietly and do relaxation breathing. So far DH hasn't complained so I must not disturb him. Usually after a day or two, I do sleep all night. Maybe this just happens as we get older??????

  5. You really did hit the jackpot! I was awake early, too, not quite as early as you, but wonder if there's something in the air LOL!

  6. Wow! Such lovely treasures! And your log cabin is coming along nicely. I love the grays.

  7. that is one B I G quilt you are hand quilting there--and lovely. It'll be so beautiful...I have 3 of my
    Grand'mere's old quilts that I should take out and check on and repair...add that to my "To-do" list!! Hugs, Julierose

  8. How lucky you are!! I love those quilt tops. Your quilt is so amazing. I am hoping you will get back on a normal sleep cycle. One of my sons battles with that constantly.
    Have a wonderful day with your family. Oh and have a lovely weekend too.

  9. If your sleep keeps going, you'll eventually make it around the clock where you'll be back on a normal schedule :) haha

  10. Love seeing the progress on your quilt!

  11. Very fun treasures you received.
    Hope you can get this sleep thing worked out soon!

  12. The Flying Dutchmen quilt is really pretty! One of my sisters has started a business repairing quilts.

  13. Well, aren't you lucky! Love the design of both the quilts you aquired. So sorry about you and your lack of sleep. How frustrating! I don't sleep as well as I did a few years ago but still I sleep really well and am so thankful! Happy weekend and happy stitching!

  14. you have been so lucky - the second one you show looks perfect and I hope you can get the second one to lay flat - but if you can't once it is quilted, washed and dried it won't be so noticeable. Sorry about the sleep I sure have been there a lot.

  15. Love the quilt tops - lucky you! I have never seen the Dutchmen one. Very pretty. I love the way yours is turning out - Is is going to be beautiful when it is finished!


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