Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Morning Musings

I’ve had a productive morning so far … I went to have blood drawn for a myriad of tests that my doctor ordered last week.  Most of them are routine, but she added a couple of new ones because of my osteopenia.  Thankfully the gal who drew my blood was good at what she does as she only had to make one poke … I can’t tell you the number of times that phlebotomists have had to go exploring in order to find a good vein.  Surprised smile  Tomorrow morning is my mammogram … fun times, eh?

It was COLD outside … and it’s not anywhere close to how cold it’s going to be in a couple of days.  Brrrr  I think I’ll stay inside for the rest of the day … and get in some more quilting on DH’s log cabin.  We had some light flurries flying about yesterday afternoon … I had to look to see them most of the time, and there was no accumulation.  I know it seems weird … I hate winter but I love snow.  I guess my reasoning is that if we’re going to have cold temperatures, the least we could do is to have some snow to enjoy.  Winking smile

Speaking of his log cabin, I wasn’t quite as productive yesterday as I would have liked as I ended up spending more time online than I had planned.  I posted a request for some suggestions on what to use for my Clover Thread Cutter on to the two Facebook quilting group pages … that generated a lot of responses. 

I got a notice that I’ll have to report for jury duty the week of January 20 … I’d like to take my hexie project to work on while sitting and waiting (the last time I was called, I had to sit for two full days until they had selected enough jurors and I was released Surprised smile).  Since I won’t be able to take in my scissors (I know that TSA permits small scissors to pass through security, but our county courthouse is quite a bit more restrictive and I don’t want to take the risk that my Karen Kay Buckley scissors will be confiscated), I need to have an alternative for cutting thread.  I bought a Clover Thread Cutter at Paducah last year and was looking for how to wear that cutter.  I got some good advice, and thanks to Amazon Prime, I’ll have my leather necklace and jump ring here on Wednesday. 

Speaking of Paducah, because I lamented only being able to spend one day at the show last April, DH generously offered to take me to Paducah for a 2-3 days this year – IF I could find a hotel room.  I found a room in Paducah – $595/person/night.  Surprised smile  That ought to be illegal!  I finally found a hotel offering rooms at their normal rates in Marion, IL … about an hour up the road from Paducah.  It’s a little further away than I’d like to be, but all the hotels closer are booked full – or offering rooms at exorbitant rates.

The Ts’ break from swim is just about over.  They’ve got a one-day meet coming up on Saturday, and they’ve got a 3-day meet coming up next weekend.  It’s in Springfield, which is about 90 minutes away, so that means road trip … DH and I will go up early in order to get checked in to our hotel (we’ll take DD’s luggage and get it in their room as well, so all they have to hassle with is their swim gear). 

Since we’ll be going up early, I decided to see if there were any quilt shops in/around Springfield … and there’s one that looks like a shop that is right up my alley!  Lots of prim and repros, lots of extra wide backing fabrics … AND they offer retreats 5-6 times/year.  They’ve got one in March that I will definitely register for.  And they’ve got one the weekend of January 23 … I need to check to see how late they’ll accept registrations since I won’t know until the week of if I’ll be done with my jury duty in time to attend.  I’m so excited!  I think I’ve found my new favorite quilt shop.  It is a good drive to get up there (a little over an hour), but the closest quilt shop to me is over 30 minutes away, so what’s another 30 minutes?  Winking smile

I hope that whatever you have planned for today includes a little something that brings you joy! Have a great day!


  1. so many people book their motel room as they are leaving the Paducah show it makes it next to impossible to find a room in the town itself unless you go to the show and take a chance on finding a cancellation! Several times I have gone and the only place I was able to find at room was about 50 miles west of Paducah like you just said - it makes for a long drive morning and evening if you want to spend more than a day. I think I stayed in a tiny town called Charleston right off the interstate it is in southern Missouri. Clean motel but nothing there but a McDonald's to eat at - grab something for breakfast and then spent the day in Paducah and ate there before leaving to go back to the motel. I don't know if I am going this year - if I do I will decide at the last minute.

  2. You're starting off the New Year with a bang, having blood drawn, followed by a mammogram! I did all of that at the end of the year, thank goodness...

    $595 for a motel room ought to be illegal, for sure! It sure was nice of your hubby to offer to take you back to Paducah--even if you do have to drive a ways to get there.

    Enjoy your trip to the swim meet!

    (Kathy) from Reflections by Kathy

  3. I have a dentist appointment today and I have to have blood drawn tomorrow for my regular 6 month check up next week. Tis the season I guess. lol

    Hoping all goes well with your tests.

  4. That is CRAZY for one night in a room?!?!? You're right - that should be illegal!
    Glad you got a good needle poker! The one in the ER when I had to go? My hand STILL hurts a month later from where she poked & roller veins :(

  5. Hope your mammogram went well, Kathy! I always dread them, but am so relieved when they're all over. $595 for a hotel room is beyond ridiculous! I would never pay such an outrageous amount. Guess some people would, however.

  6. Wow, winter has arrived with a vengeance! Peace and Applique is a nice shop - or at least it was the last time I was there maybe three years ago. It's only 5-10 minutes from the east side of Springfield and easy to get to. I used to be in Springfield a lot when I was teaching and that was the best shop we ever found. I think I'm jealous of you going back to Paducah!!! ;) Of course, it sounds like I can't afford to go! Who wants to pay their money for a motel room instead of neat fabric and gadgets???! Glad you found something reasonable. ~Jeanne

  7. Yikes - that is nuts for a place to sleep at that price. Nurses love me - lots of veins showing to select from. I had my Mammogram on Friday - normal. Hope yours goes just as well as mine did. I showed up 30 minutes early and was completely done 5 minutes before my appointment time =).

  8. Wow! That is a huge price for a single night's rest!! Sorry about the needle stick, but I hope you get great news with the blood work results. Enjoy your quilting!

  9. That is an unreal motel price!!
    Just had my mammogram last week. I end my year with it and you start yours. : )

  10. Hi Kathy, So glad you got your blood tests out of the way and tomorrow you'll get the other chore done. My Mamo gal is fantastic and it doesn't hurt like it used to-might be age though. I smiled when I read about room rates for Paducah, when I started googling hotels in Charleston I found the same problem-the cheapest rate was over $100. per night, since we are staying for 7 nights-ouch!!! Hopefully we will be able to get a place at our timeshare. Otherwise, like you, we will stay out of that area and one more reasonable. I remember staying at HH about 28 yrs ago and it was reasonably priced(doubt it is now). Hope you have a great week.
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. I hope you stay warm! I think it is so wrong that hotels raise their rates like that. How fun to find a new quilt shop not too far away. I hope you find all kinds of goodies there. Good luck to the T's at the swim meet.

  12. I have learned to drink plenty of water the morning of my blood draws! AND to have one particular person do the sticking. She is good and always gets a vein the first time. I have had them stick me until I would make them stop and return another day!
    Hope the mammogram goes well too......just did all that for the year.

  13. Winter has arrived here as's cold and gray, but no snow. I have jury duty this month as well, the way ours works is you are "call" one day a week for the month. If your number comes up you have to go in.....this week I didn't have to go in, we'll see how the rest of the month goes. It will probably be a book for me...I hear no electronics are allowed, so that eliminates a lot. Hope you mammogram goes well


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