Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday



"Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action." W. J. Cameron


I do love to take the time to stop and think about how richly I’ve been blessed and to express my thankfulness.  I don’t have the time nor space to express everything for which I am thankful, but just a few that come immediately to mind are:


Time with the Ts.  I know I’ve listed this before … and will likely list it again.  T#2 and I baked cookies while the 2 littlest Ts were napping yesterday afternoon, and it was a precious time together. 


Relief from the heat.  We had several days of 100+ temperatures, with heat indices of 110-115.  The temperatures will be rising again (it is July in the Midwest, after all!), but I’m thankful for some respite from the summer heat.


Getting back to my normal routine.  I enjoyed the weekend with my sister, but it’s nice to get back into our normal routine.  Yes, I’m definitely a creature of habit.  ha!


A flexible work place.  DD called me at work late Tuesday morning and invited me to join her in a shopping trip.  I had scheduled myself to work the full day, but I couldn’t pass up an afternoon with DD & the Ts!  So I told my supervisor that I was going to take the afternoon off (and work this morning to make up the time).  If I was going to go back to work (even if just on a temporary assignment), I knew it had to be one where I’d have the flexibility to make my own schedule … and change it when I needed to (for a family emergency … or just a fun afternoon with DD).


  1. Lucky you to be able to rearrange your work schedule. Having my time be my own is one thing that keeps me from going back to work.

  2. Baking cookies with little ones is always so fun; eating them together equally rewarding!! It is always neat you take the time to list thanksful like this!


  3. I need to start a thankful list. That is awesome that your job can be so flexible.


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