Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday randomness


Confession time:  I’m a weather geek.  Is that someone that happens to the best of us as we age … or is it just the latent meteorologist in me coming out?  I mentioned earlier yesterday morning that we’ve had a HOT July so far … I heard on the news last night that we’ve had 7 days of 100-degree weather and 12 consecutive days under an excessive heat warning.  Which got me to wondering – just what is an excessive heat warning? 

An Excessive Heat Warning is issued by the National Weather Service of the United States within 12 hours of the the heat index reaching one of two criteria levels. A warning will be issued if there is a heat index of at least 105°F for more than 3 hours per day for 2 consecutive days, or if the heat index is greater than 115°F for any period of time.

Surprised smile  And if that’s not enough, the forecast for the next week is for more of the same (even with a slight possibility of rain over the weekend).


I cut up a watermelon last night … and didn’t cut a finger!  Woo hoo!


Good news!  I’m a winner!  Cheri over at Maintaining My Piece hosted a giveaway of some embellishment goodies … and I won!  Now, I’ll be honest, I’ve never embellished anything … so all of this is going to be a new frontier.  But the fabrics she sent are all lovely and so full of possibility.  See for yourself:

photo (16)

You should be able to click on it (I hope) to see a larger picture.  Thanks, Cheri!  And when you’re done here, why not head on over to Cheri’s blog.  Her latest post features a GORGEOUS plaid string quilt that has certainly prompted me to add a similar quilt to my ever-growing list of quilts I need to make! 


I’ve got to remember to stop and get some wrapping paper tomorrow.  T#3’s birthday party (he’s turning 4!!) will be Friday evening. 


  1. It's always fun to win a give away-congrats!

  2. Congratulations! I won a giveaway yesterday too!

    I was so happy! I am a weather geek also. Have a good Thursday!

  3. WOW...that's some heat record over there...looks like a fun give away! Have a good day....HUGS

  4. Congrats on your prize!

    We will definately remember this very hot summer--and the electric bills that came with it!

  5. Catching up on my has been busier than usual or I've been lazier LOL. Glad you like the boxful and hope it really stirs up your creative juices. Keep on stitchin'

  6. It's always fun to win a give away-congrats!


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