Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Finally, a weekend that didn’t pass in the blink of an eye.  Winking smile  But that’s only because it felt like the weekend started Wednesday afternoon when my sister and her guys arrived … every day felt like Saturday.

We had dinner Wednesday evening at Mike Shannon’s restaurant (Mike is the long-time Cardinals broadcaster).  Naturally the interior décor has a definite baseball theme.
Recently UpdatedWe enjoyed the meal, especially the upside-down apple pie.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of it … but we couldn’t resist it long enough for me to get a picture! 

Thursday we spent the day in St. Louis … we had breakfast at Rooster’s, a breakfast/brunch restaurant downtown.
Recently Updated1
After breakfast, we walked over to the stadium to do a little shopping in the Fan Shop … we made sure that our route included Citygarden. 
We also visited Bowood Farms (which fueled my desire for spring to arrive!) and Winslow’s Home, where we had a mid-afternoon snack … and I’m still disappointed that we didn’t time that visit to include my favorite Turkey Sandwich (turkey breast with smoked gouda, baby arugula and apple slices – yum!).  We wrapped up Thursday with a viewing of Oz the Great and Powerful … I was disappointed.   

Friday we celebrated our dad’s 90th birthday.  The celebration, while low-key, went well, and I think our dad was really enjoyed himself. 

My sister and her guys left Saturday morning, but that didn’t mean there was much time to take it easy.  I had to strip beds, wash linens, remake the beds, clean our hardwood floors, tidy up, and bake a carrot cake for Easter.  I got right to work, and I was able to get in a couple of hours of work on T#2’s quilt.

DH had to get up dark and early Easter morning … the deacons at church prepare a large breakfast for everyone, which meant he needed to be at church by 5:00 AM.  Thankfully he was quiet so I got to “sleep in” until 5:30.  Winking smile  After church, we went to DD’s where we had a nice lunch, hunted for eggs, and just had an absolutely wonderful day together.
Easter with the Ts


  1. It sounds like a fantastic weekend. Starting on Wednesday!!! :)
    It will be fun to get back to normal don't you think?
    I hope you get lots of time to sew this week.

  2. Hi, What a busy week you had and I totally understand how family time can get a bit long. We head to Ca. tomorrow to deal with all the "stuff"-putting the house on the market etc etc. I think we'll have tooo much family time with hubby's siblings.
    Once everything is settled, we will heave a sigh of relief.
    I forgot today was April Fools day.
    Have a wonderful day dear friend.

  3. Wow, you were busy! We had carrot cake yesterday, too. That upside down apple pie sounds interesting!

  4. How wonderful that your dad celebrated his 90th BD! That's awesome! Sounds like quite the busy weekend, Kathy, but a good one, at that!

  5. Those week-ends that start on Wed are REALLY long huh? haha. I do get the "sister" thing sometimes too btw. Sounds like Easter was wonderful. Glad it all went well. Enjoy your day!

  6. I had to laugh out loud when you said it was time for them to go. How funny!

    You definitely got in gear to clean, do laundry and bake a carrot cake. I'm impressed!

    Looks like a good time with the Grans. Wish we had had gorgeous weather here but not the case.

    Happy week!

  7. I get a weekend like that coming up...starting on Wednesday! :)

    So cool you could celebrate your dad's birthday.

  8. Oh, I love weekends that are extra days long! It sounds like it was a great weekend but it is always nice to get back to normal! No kidding! ~Jeanne

  9. Sounds like a perfect extra long weekend. You did so many things and ate some awesome meals. Bet your carrot cake was delicious. So glad you got to celebrate your dad's 90th.
    What a blessing that is. I am looking forward to my dad's 90th in June. Just a nice family dinner out and a bit of a family reunion. Glad you had a lovely Easter. Debby

  10. Sounds like a a very busy but fun time! Glad you got to 'sleep in' on Sunday!

  11. Happy Birthday to your Dad! You've been busy and I am glad you had a nice Easter!

  12. 90 - that's large number when you are counting in years. So the great powerful OZ was not so?
    Oh where is the Pinocchio statue?


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