Friday, July 19, 2013

A Little of This, A Little of That


DH reported Wednesday night that he had spotted a zucchini in our garden, so I had to see it with my own eyes.  Zucchini

It’s the only one so far … there are plenty of blossoms still but no signs of other zucchini. 


While there, I checked out our tomatoes.  Most all the plants have at least 2-3 tomatoes, but this one is hitting the jackpot.Tomatoes


We finally heard back from our final contractor for our deck replacement project.  And we’re going to go with the first contractor (the one that I was hoping that we’d go with).  He’s coming over Monday afternoon to touch base … to make sure we’re all on the same page as far as the design, etc.  I’m excited.   


I spent yesterday afternoon in the sewing room … I mentioned that I intended to make 80 storm at sea blocks – unless I ran out of fabric.  I think I can say that I did, in fact, miscalculate how much fabric I need.  Sad smile  I used an app on my iPhone that calculated yardage requirements … I entered the size and number of blocks and it told me how much fabric I needed.  Unfortunately this app assumed a three-color storm at sea and assumed standard piecing.  I thought I adequately compensated for using two colors instead of three, but it appears that I underestimated the waste with paper piecing (I tried to be as frugal as I could, but it’s impossible to avoid some waste).  Thankfully I still have the selvages and I just bought this fabric a couple of weeks ago, so there should still be some in stock.  And now that I know how many blocks I can get from 1 yard of fabric, I can make a better determination on how much more yardage I need. 


I’ll likely spend much of today in the sewing room as well.  First of all, it’s just too stinkin’ hot to do much else, and secondly, I just Red heart quilting … I believe I could almost spend every waking moment quilting.  Hand quilting is my favorite part, but I certainly enjoy seeing a pile of fabrics transformed into a quilt top.


Lest you all think I do nothing other than quilt, I have done some reading.  I just finished Intentional Walk … it was an interesting read.


I’ve now started The Quilt.

I’m having a hard time getting into the story, but it was highly recommended (on someone’s blog – forget who now), so I’m going to trust that it will get better. 


Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. You sound like my wife - who could live in her sewing room!

  2. I think I have that book on my Kindle, but I haven't read it yet.

  3. You know zucchinis sneak up on you - there are none or one and then overnight there are 200! LOL It looks like you are going to get lots of tomatoes - nice! Are you off to get more fabric today? Paper piecing always has a lot of waste - I'm not sure how to calculate the amount of fabric needed. Glad you paid attention and know what you can get from a yard. Hopefully this is our last super hot day - heat is supposed to break this afternoon. So sad - I have to spend another day sewing! ~Jeanne

  4. Good morning! First, yay on the garden production...your getting there! And then, I am so anxious to see your quilt! It is frustrating to realize you have to go and get more fabric (I hate that!) but at least you know it will be easy to find...It kind of scares me how much I find my mind dwelling on quilting recently, but I am just finding it all so fascinating. I too am reading a book called Circle of Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini which I am finding just as fascinating, haha. It is an old one of my mothers. Enjoy your week-end! and happy quilting!

  5. Your tomatoes and zucchini look good. I feel kind of guilty when I stay inside during the summer doing projects but when it's so hot you don't have much choice. Glad you caught the fabric shortage early...enjoy your weekend and your quilting

  6. I see zucchini bread in about another week!!!

    I hope you can get the fabric to finish the Storm. If not, a darker and lighter shade would make it look really stormy!!!

  7. I read a book YEARS ago by the same name & really loved it.. I wonder if its the same one???

    Look at your zuchinni!! ahhh! :) Let's hope those other blooms turn into some yumminess!

  8. I am always afraid I'll run out of fabric so I buy way more than I need. Needless to say my leftover fabric stash is growing with each project. I will say that I have often underestimated the amount of fabric I need for the backing. That usually results in a randomly pieced back. It does make it more interesting, but more work.

    My latest quilt is a flannel quilt. I'm planning on giving it to our son-in-law for his birthday in September. It's at the quilter's now. I just hope he likes it. He's a hard one to think of gifts for.

  9. Now that's scary! I hate running out of fabric! It usually happens to me on a project that I have let sit for too long and the fabric is no longer available. Crossing my fingers you can get some more :*)

    That's a cute little zucchini you've got there - bet it will be very tasty, along with all of its brothers and sisters who will be coming along very shortly, I'm sure!

  10. Yay! So glad you're getting veggies in your garden. How exciting! And so impressed with you making the Storm at Sea bloks. That's an undertaking.

  11. Hooray for the zucchini and I'm excited about your new deck. Sorry about the miscalculation on your fabric. No doubt they should still have it for you. I don't like when books are hard to get into, they need to grab me right away. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. I've done quite a bit of reading the past couple of's just too hot to do anything else!

  13. Wow, look at those tomatoes! Good gardening!

    I am thinking of trying to recover my dining room chairs (I'm not a bit crafty) and I'm trying to figure out how much fabric I will need.

  14. Amazing that your garden made it through all the storms...that's great! I imagine you did enjoy the baseball book about the Cardinals since you are a fan. I'll have to check on "Quilt"...sure has a pretty cover! :-) To answer your question, I'm not sure. There was a lot of info being dispersed and if she said that, I missed it. I do know I am cutting my strips into 3 1/4 in lengths. After that, I have no idea! ha! ha! She is taking it step at a time. And that is good 'cause that's about all I can handle!! Of course, I will keep you posted even if it ends up being a mess!!


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