Friday, July 26, 2013

Really Random Ramblings

I saw something interesting on the news last night … about a tool that will remove whatever you want on Facebook or Twitter.  Tired of hearing about George, tired of recipes as status updates, tired of political “ads”?  Check out  I have to admit that I am rather tempted to give it a try … I already have Chrome, so why not?  Winking smile


One of the reasons I blog and follow other blogs is for the interaction.  It’s so disappointing when I can’t answer questions or continue the conversation if the comments are from a “no-reply” blogger.  Sad smile  If you’re using Blogger, it’s so easy to fix … your bloggy friends will thank you!

We met with our deck contactor last night and squared away all the last-minute details and confirmed that we’re all on the same page.  He should be able to get started in a couple of weeks … I’m excited!

I changed the needle in my sewing machine yesterday … while it seemed to resolve the skipped stitches, there was a tremendous increase in the rat’s nests.  After some conversation with Debbie, I removed the bobbin case, reinserted the bobbin, and then reinserted the bobbin case… and while I had the bobbin out, I took a brush and brushed around to remove any lint … I couldn’t see any lint nor was there any on the brush when I was done, but I was desperate.  I haven’t had any problems stitching since then.  I don’t know why it worked this time and not the multiple times prior … but I’m not complaining!  I’ll still take my machine in for an annual service after I’m done piecing this top.  But hopefully it won’t take quite as long now that I don’t have to frog as much (I still occasionally start paper piecing with the wrong fabric on top or fail to check that I’m sewing the right side of the white-on-white to the right side of the blue Surprised smile).

Another night sleeping with the windows open … delightful any time of year, but especially so in July.  We might have to close the windows Saturday night … not because it’s going to get hot, but because it might get too cold … the low is supposed to dip into the 50’s. 

I heard the dreaded “D” word on the news last night … drought.  I knew that it’d been a while since we got any measurable rainfall, but after the wet spring we had, who knew that we’d be facing the prospect of drought conditions so soon. 

DH went to a coin show in St. Charles yesterday … and offered to stop and pick up my extra fabric (the shop is not too far out of his way … and afforded him the “reward” of lunch at Five Guys).  One of my blues wasn’t available, but the clerk helped him find another fabric that would play nicely with the others.  I’ve got those blues in the washer right now.  True to my Piglet nature, I’m now wondering if maybe I should have purchased another yard of the white-on-white. 

Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. sounds interesting. I have Chrome loaded on my laptop at home, but I still use Firefox. I haven't taken the time to figure out Chrome yet. I'm such a creature of habit and change is hard for me sometimes, I guess.

    I agree on the no-reply blogger. I get ready to answer their question and then see they are no-reply and it is rather disappointing.

    Hope all goes well on your new deck. Can't wait to see pictures.

    We slept with the window open the last 2 nights and I love it.

    I love that your husband picked up your fabric for you. That was really sweet of him.

  2. Good morning! Well you have certainly got my interest in that new whatever tool. I will have to check that out. The drought in California is ALWAYS a subject of great matter it seems how much it rains...sigh. I am anxious to get back to the sewing machine today...oh, and I am soo glad to hear there is another wonderful guy out there who is willing to pick up fabric for his wife...keepers for sure! Enjoy your week-end Kathy!

  3. I'm glad that the machine is giving you less hassles. I wonder what the problem could have been.

    The unwhatever sounds very interesting. I hope you do a review on it once you try it.

  4. So glad all of that machine voodoo worked. That is what I call it when I am fooling around with mine. You have to try things and then it works. So glad you got your fabric. Do you know that I am so bad with fabric that when the pattern calls say for a 1/2 year I always buy a whole yard, just in case. :)
    I feel the same way when someone leaves a comment and they are no reply. I always want to be able to say something to them and I can't it is hard.
    I love your weather, and I am so glad you have cooler weather. It has to be such a nice break.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Interesting tool, I will check it out!

    I am so tired of no-reply. A lot more people have issues when they join Google+, there are special settings they have fix. However I have told many people that they are no-reply and they don't change it. What is the point if I can't comment back. Like you I like the interaction.

    Glad you sewing issue has been fixed.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I hate that too when I can't respond... especially when they ASK a question!!! WHAT?

  7. I hate that too when I can't respond... especially when they ASK a question!!! WHAT?

  8. I hate that too when I can't respond... especially when they ASK a question!!! WHAT?

  9. I hate that too when I can't respond... especially when they ASK a question!!! WHAT?

  10. So true about not being able to respond! I might look into that removal stuff! There was something on last night that I really wanted to remove.

    Glad your sewing machine is ok.

  11. That tomato is a beauty! Glad your sewing is going better. It is frustrating when your machine acts up. That's one of the reasons I haven't sewn much...the aggravation! But I must say knowing that you...who sews so much...has trouble, too...encourages me! ha! ha!

  12. Oh, got to check out that tool for sure!

    Glad you got everything ready to "go" on your deck. Do keep us updated.

    And, glad you got the needle working correctly. How frustrating!

    Happy weekend!

  13. I get aggravated when I start typing a reply, then realize that it's a "no reply" blogger! I like to interact, too.
    Hope you'll show pictures of your deck when it's done!

  14. Hahaha! You sound just like me! I'm always thinking I should have gotten just "a little," just in case. Your husband sounds a lot like mine - always ready to help in time of need :*)

  15. That tool you were talking about does sound interesting, assuming it's an application you have to download?. I enjoy interactions with bloggers as well, a simple pleasure I never expected when I started this.
    Hope it was a good weekend


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