Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday

Did you like to read when you were a child? What were your favorite genres, books or series? Did you read books because of the author or because of the title/plot? Did you own many books? Did your school distribute the Scholastic book orders (or some other type)? Did you visit the library often? Was there a summer reading program when you were young, and did you participate? Do you have any particular memories of your school libraries? What were your favorites and least favorites among the classics (the ones high school English teachers assign!)? If you didn't like reading, do you like it more today than you did then?

I loved, loved, loved to read as a child - and as an adult!  ;-)  As a child, I was a voracious reader.  I credit my parents; both my mom and my dad read - A LOT.  In our family, reading was just a given.  Papa C isn't a reader (and neither were his parents), and I'll never forget my disbelief that he and his family just didn't read.  I thought everyone enjoyed reading!  LOL

I especially enjoyed the Trixie Beldon series and the Sugar Creek Gang series  My sister also enjoyed the Sugar Creek Gang books, and we'd frequently play that we were various members of the Gang.  I also enjoyed Laura Ingalls Wilder's books.  I generally chose books by authors I already enjoyed (a habit I continue even now), although I occasionally would choose books based on the subject matter.

My grade school did distribute the Scholastic book order forms, but I don't recall that we ever bought any of the books.  My parents were frugal if nothing else, so I'm sure their logic was why buy a book when you could check it out from the library.  And speaking of the library, during the summer, I made multiple trips to the library.  I could only check out one book at a time, so as soon as I finished the book, I'd walk to the library, return the book and check out a new one. 

There were no reading programs, back in the day.  And I never could develop an affinity for the classics.  I don't know if it was because I had to read them, but I just wasn't a fan of them (and still am not LOL).

I still enjoy reading, and I'm especially thankful that my love of reading has been passed down to my daughter and her kiddos.   


  1. You could only check out one book at a time? How sad! I remember being frustrated that my mom would limit me to twelve at a time (so that I'd have time to actually do school work at some point and because I was less likely to lose twelve books than the library's limit of 150!)

  2. I cannot imagine being limited to one book at a time. I went through 14 so fast!

    Regarding the classics, as my kids say, "teachers take all the fun out of reading/learning." Too sad. That's why I am soooo appreciative of my wonderful 11th grade English teacher!

  3. I loved to read and remember how excited I was when I started to learn in 1st grade. Libraries were (and still are) my favorite places. Yes, I remember the book sales, and I still have one book called "Magic Elizabeth" that I really liked, and just hung on to. I don't read much fiction now, but am trying to get back into it. Sometimes my choice is: Sewing often wins out!


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