Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook For Today - October 9

FOR TODAY ... Saturday, October 9, 2010

Outside my window... the sun is finally up and it's pretty chilly now -- but it's going to get up to the upper 80's this afternoon; yep, this is definitely Indian summer

I am thinking
... how much I like mornings; is it possible to go from being a night owl to a morning person? 

I am thankful for
... an end to all the projects around the house (although I've got a couple up my sleeve - thankfully, they don't require too much manual labor)

From the kitchen
... dishes ready to come out of the dishwasher

I am wearing
... sweats and another sweatshirt over the top

I am creating
... a quilt for DSIL; I'm still working on it ... and will be for quite a while so don't expect much change in this topic ;-)

I am going
... to have the T's here in a couple of hours  YAY!!!!!  A couple of months ago, DD asked me to hold this day to watch the kiddos while she attended a shower.  Thanks to my full-blown case of CRA (Can't Remember Anything), I forgot all about it - of course; thankfully our lives are so boring that we had nothing on our schedules for this weekend, so it looks like I remembered all long.  Good save, Nana! 

I am hoping... to be able to get all the blocks pieced together on DSIL's quilt today

I am hearing
... the dogs having breakfast and DH unloading the dishwasher (yeah, he's a keeper) - should I change my response to "From the kitchen"? 

Around the house
... sewing area baby-proofed, since T#4 is walking now

One of my favorite thing
s... having the T's here, hanging with DD & the T's, working on a quilt, watching hockey (ok, ok - I know that's more than one, it's my blog and if I want to bend the rules, I will - I'm SUCH a rebel - NOT! LOL)

A few plans for the rest of the week/weekend…
I mentioned yesterday that I wasn't crazy enough to think that my free schedule for the weekend would stay that way (see "I am going").  LOL  

So far there nothing planned for the rest of the weekend (but stay tuned, it could change) - other than hockey on TV tonight (can't wait to watch it in hi-def) and working on the quilt (I'd like to get it basted and ready to quilt on Monday -- hey, it could happen!  LOL).

Yesterday was just the lazy day I had hoped for ... after 14 hours over 2 days spent staining that deck; that was a lot more work/time than I thought it would be.  Silly me - I thought we could get it done in one day if we put our minds to it.  Maybe if we were 30 years younger.  But since we're not (thankfully), I have already told DH that next time, we're hiring the job out!  The only thing I did yesterday was work on DSIL's quilt ... but that was too much fun to count as work. 

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