Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday's Stuff

I went to bed last night with THE. WORST. headache - ever (and trust me, I've had headaches) ... and of course, I woke up with that same headache this morning.  Plus I woke up with a bad-dream hangover.  :-(  Thankfully the headache lifted while at the soccer fields this morning - T#1 and T#2 had their last games of the season.  They both played well, and even though it was windy and a little chilly, it was fun watching them play.  Unfortunately, when I got back home, the headache was back.  We spent the evening at DD's for T#4's first birthday party; we've been home about an hour ... and guess what:  no headache!!!  Scientific proof that grandkids are the antidote for killer headaches?  In my world, YES!!!  ha!

I took T#3's big boy quilt to him yesterday.  Mom & Dad are pleased with it ... T#3 is still too young to appreciate it; hope he does when he's older.  ;-)

Speaking of quilts, I gave DH a "deadline" for creating a sewing space in the room we used to use for an office.  When we moved here, we had two desktop computers that we used, so we made one of the bedrooms an office.  We put in two desks and a daybed (for the Ts).  Since then, we've gone wireless (laptops), so those desks are not being used.  I have a 5' folding table that I set up in the great room when I need to sew ... it works, but not all that well ... it's a pain to have to go downstairs to get the sewing machine and lug it upstairs, drag the folding table out of storage, etc., etc., etc.  It'd be so much more convenient if I could have an area up here ... yet out of the way.  I'd like to replace the two desks with a long table ... plenty of space for my cutting mat and plenty of space for my sewing machine.  I can't wait to get a sewing space!

It was a busy, busy Saturday ... I'm going to go crash for a little while before going to bed.


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