Sunday, October 17, 2010

This weekend I ...

  • enjoyed Captain Hog's BBQ Friday evening without having to take too long a break from quilting ... the fries weren't as crispy as normal, but they were still good (and I learned a trick to get them crispy again for next time!)  

  • took my dad to watch T#1 and T#2 play soccer Saturday morning; T#1's team won their first game this season!
  • prepared baked ziti to be taken to a young family from church who had a baby last week (doubled the recipe so that there would be some for us) 

  • watched the Blues lose in a shoot-out to Dallas Saturday night :-(
  • attended Sunday School and spent the worship hour in the baby nursery (filling in for a no-show - no problem because that gave me some snuggle time with T#4)
  • got to spend Sunday afternoon with T#1 and T#2, who were both pretty crabby this afternoon :-(
  • finalized plans for a Tuesday road trip to the quilt shop in Hannibal, MO with my friend/neighbor Lois

  • enjoyed a caramel apple from Bobby's this evening

  • watched plenty of playoff baseball

    It was a fairly busy, but good, weekend ... with an even busier week ahead.  There were some alarm-clock wake-ups this weekend, and I'm running out of steam now ... hope y'all had a great weekend.


    1. A good weekend I'd say. Wish I could sample some of that ice cream. And go quilt shopping with you. Sounds like fun.

    2. It was a good weekend to be a fan of the teams from Philadelphia : )
      Your ziti looks awesome!


    I am SO glad you stopped by! No proving that you're a robot here ... I want to hear what you have to say! ;-)