Sunday, October 24, 2010

This weekend I ...

  • watched the Ts along with the other grandma on Friday night while mama & daddy went to the hockey game

  • watched T#1 and T#2 play their last soccer games of the fall season

  • celebrated T#4's first birthday (her birthday was the 15th, but her party was Saturday afternoon/evening)

  • attended church ... and actually got to be in worship this morning ;-)

  • prepared a pot roast in the crockpot

  • did a little quilting while watching Gladiator (I love those epic movies, new and old)

  • enjoyed some rain (even if it wasn't quite enough)

  • missed having baseball to watch tonight
If you want to share what went on in your neck of the woods over the weekend, head on over to Becky's.


  1. I missed having a baseball game to watch, too! Guess we'll have to wait until Wednesday.

    I love your recent post on marriage. So true.

  2. I have to be in total agreement with you on the Red Sox. And I used to be a Cardinals fan growing up. I know we have talked about that. But now that I am in Chicago I have to root for the Cubs. But I totally understand your tendency NOT to.

    Can't wait for the series to start. I think we'll root for the Rangers too. Love an underdog.

    Oh, and did I ever tell you that my aunt is great friends with the Puholtzes? I'm sure I spelled that name wrong. Albert ... from the Cardinals. They are good friends. I have a great picture of them together I should post.

    Have a good week.


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