Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Morning Randomness

I was doing the happy dance last night … I finished the last quilt block on T#4’s big girl quilt.
Not without a little drama … first of all, in spite of really slowing down and being extra careful to make those center star blocks accurately, I still have more tips lopped off than not.  <sigh>  Secondly, I wanted the pinks to be the focal fabric … and while they’re pinker than what shows up in the photo, the brown still overpowers the pink.  And finally, when I cut the yardage to create the strips that are sewn together to create the block, I counted and had 42 sets of strips.  When I got down to about 15 sets left to be pieced, I counted and discovered that I would end up 1 set short.  I thought perhaps I miscounted originally and decided to piece as long as I could and cut when I got done to 2-3 sets left (in hopes that I was miscounting then and would end up with the correct number of sets).  Yesterday I reached the point where there were only 2-3 strip sets left, and yep, I was 1 set short.  So I got out the leftover fabrics and pieced together the fabrics to create a complete strip set.  After I had finished creating that last strip set and was folding up the remnants to set them aside, I encountered the missing 12 strips!    I can’t imagine how in the world they got over in with the leftover fabrics … and why I didn’t find them when I pulled out the fabrics to cut the strips.   All that time I spent cutting those fabrics and piecing them together to create strips could have been spent piecing together another block. 

DH has come down with what I had.     He spent almost all day in bed yesterday and is likely to spend a good part of today there. 

Our April Showers got ramped up a little yesterday … tornado warnings, wall clouds, strong winds, hail, heavy rains.  Can you say “time to head to the basement”?  Thankfully there was no significant damage reported anywhere.

With rain in the forecast, it looks like today might be a lazy kind of day … a perfect day to spend in the sewing room.  Hope your Saturday is a perfect one, too.


  1. Its beautiful!
    Rainy here today and a good day to stay inside!

  2. Have fun sewing today. It's going to be a beautiful quilt. Hope DH is feeling better.

  3. It's raining buckets here today. Your quilt is so pretty!

  4. What a lovely quilt. I do so admire quilters. We really got dumped with rain and high winds but escaped the really horrid storms across the rest of the state.

  5. that is such a pretty quilt! Sorry your hubby is sick now; hoping he feels better soon and you guys were safe from all those storms I'm hearing about!


  6. It is beautiful! I envy people who can make quilts and who have the patience to do so!

  7. What a lovely quilt! I'm glad the bad weather damage missed you. We only had lots of wind...sure could use some rain.
    So sorry DH is sick now! That's usually how it goes...


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