Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Google is making a few changes.  Instead of allowing readers to follow a blog using Google Friend Connect (near the bottom of my sidebar)
Google Followerthere’s now Linky Followers.  It’s fairly intuitive … just register (it’s free). 

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what impact it will have for any of us.  I like to think that I’m fairly technologically savvy, but I just can’t seem to find a definitive explanation of what this change means.  About the only thing I can find is that any of you who follow me but don’t use Blogger will need to use my Linky Follower tool (which I’ve added to my sidebar – near the bottom) to continue to follow me effective March 1. 

I cannot find any information on what impact this will have, if any, on us Blogger bloggers.  I can’t determine if the non-Blogger blogs will continue to feed through to Google Reader.  I’m curious, too, to see if the Blogger follow options (in the upper left hand corner of my blog) will still be available … will we still be following blogs we opted to follow using the Blogger follow button (which is what I use when choosing to follow a Blogger blog).  Goodness, could I use the words follow or blog (or some variation of them) any more often in a sentence??  Winking smile
Follow blog

I just hate not knowing what is going on.  Change can be difficult enough, but it’s doubly difficult if we’re trying to navigate the changes with only limited bits of information.  Confused smile

I remarked last week that we were 5 weeks away from our Spring Training trip.  Ooops!  I miscounted … we were 4 weeks away!  And not only that, we’ve decided that we’ll leave a day early … we’ll hit the road after the Ts’ soccer games.  This will give us a head start, and one of the stops along the way will be the beach at St. Augustine. 

It’s a very cloudy, dreary day here … I think that means that it’s going to be a perfect quilting day, don’t you?  Winking smile


  1. I think if you are on google products we stay the same - it is the others that won't be able to use it - but then again - what the heck do I know? lol

  2. hmmm...I don't understand this LINKY thing. I have seen it on a few blogs already. I guess I will wait till March 1 and see what happens.

  3. If your with google nothing will change. If you follow people only with GFC who are with Word Press or some other service they will not come into your reader anymore, you need to follow them by coping their URL and putting it into New Subscriptions in your reader. I will have to check out the linky followers.

  4. Hi there, I was out walking a bit ago and it started snowing, although light, I think it is a good day for quilting too.
    I sure wish blogger would leave things alone-for those of us who are not spring chickens anymore, it gets hard to figure out.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. I don't understand all of the changes on Blogger either! But I do understand that we are losing more of our personal privacy, thanks to the government's partnering up with Google--and I don't like it!

    I know you are counting down the days until your trip--and I don't blame you. Sunny Florida is a welcome way to begin spring :)

  6. I'm with the others as well. I don't get all the changes. I hope you are ready for the vacation a week and 1 day early. You now have less time to pack.

  7. Hey Kathy,
    I will look into that when I have brain cells. I just don't have the energy to look at it and it seems so big to me right now.
    I have a new grand son. He weighed six pounds six ounces.
    I will have the kids a bit longer as the hospital would release the baby until tomorrow sometime.
    I am glad you only have 4 weeks.
    Have a nice Wednesday.


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