Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fragments


Mommy's Idea


It’s Friday once again … my how time is flying while we’re having fun!  Winking smile  That means it’s time for a little fragmenting … and since I’m the queen of random, that’s right up my alley! 


I got the blue and white Irish chain basted together yesterday.  I wasn’t sure, when I first woke up, if I had enough energy to get it done … I was still sore and tired from my busy Wednesday.  But I knew that the quilt wasn’t going to baste itself – ha! – so I got ‘er done.  I baste my quilts together at our church building … the classrooms are empty during the week, and I can shove two large folding tables together to spread the quilty layers out onto.  It’s a rather slow process to baste the layers together, but it’s worth it to keep the backing from developing puckers.


After lunch I got started on the hand quilting – my favorite part.  I got a couple of blocks quilted, moved the hoop and was settling back in my recliner … when somehow I bumped the can of Diet Coke on the table next to my chair.  Surprised smile  The majority of the soda spilled on the floor … but I did get some on the quilt.  Thankfully, I was able to clean it all up … if you look carefully at a couple of smaller spots, you can see where I had to “scrub” a little … but that’s a whole lot less noticeable than the brown soda spots that were there before! 


We’ve had warm weather the last couple of days … mid 60’s Wednesday and almost 70 yesterday.  It’s going to feel frigid in comparison today, with a high of only 44. 


Today I plan to do more quilting – of course.  DSIL will be out of town next week for training, so he and DD are planning a date night tonight.  Which means I get to watch the Ts!  Red heart


We’ll be heading to southern Florida 5 weeks from Sunday … but who’s counting?  Winking smile 


  1. Good morning! You are moving right along on that guilt! yay!! Spilling that coke is soo something I would do. : ( glad all is well. Enjoy your week-end! HUGS

  2. need to stop and help me out here...what exactly is Irish Chain Basted!!?!!! See, I've never quilted, so I'm really showing my blond roots. And to hand quilt even, that just blows me away! I am so darned impressed. Idea: change from coke to sprite and no brown stains [just kidding]

  3. Oh no! Not coke on your quilt! I hate when things like that happen! Glad you were able to get the spots out.

    I SO wish you lived nearby, and I could watch your quilting process. It's so interesting.

    PS Thanks for answering my questions the other day :)

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh, glad you explained that. At first I thought it was a special kinda stitch instead of the pattern name. I'll go check your post out that you left for me as a link....

    PS...5 weeks, but 'who's counting'?!! :o)

    1. It's a beautiful pattern!!! Love the color you're working with, such a deep vivid blue.

  5. I can't have anything liquid by what I am doing, I'm not clumsy, but those dog tails are like windshield wipers.

  6. I gasped!! I've spilt a Diet Coke on my knitting before & cried for days...

  7. So glad you were able to clean the spots off the quilt. I think I would have fainted! lol

    Have fun with the T's tonight and I can't blame you for the countdown to Florida. I'd be counting too!!!

  8. How nice that you got it basted. I have hit my drink so many times and mine does end up all over what ever I am sewing, or bringing a cup of coffee in the other day and spilling it on my ipod and my phone. Thankfully nothing broke.
    Have fun with your little ones. I hope you have a nice weekend.
    Only 5 weeks until your trip? Gosh it is coming fast.
    Have fun quilting. :)

  9. WOW that quilt is really coming along! 5 weeks till vacation, that is great.

  10. You are coming along - wonderful. I spill all the time. sandie

  11. Sorry about the soda spill. Did you get snow today? I go to Florida in 12 days to visit with my dad! Have a nice weekend.

  12. Hi there, I loved hearing about your getting the quilt ready to stitch-and so very thankful that you got the soda off it quickly. We head to the Islands in six and a half weeks-that means I've got to exercise alot at the gym to get ready for Capris. I can't wait for the warm weather; my hubby is even more anxious than I am. Have fun with the T's tonight and have a great weekend; think I'll pull out my quilting again.
    Hugs, Noreen

  13. The weather is weird, I was considering turning on the A/C yesterday. That should not be a though in February.

  14. Even up here straight north of you, we've had precious little WINTER this season. I hope this doesn't mean we'll have a foot of snow in July or any such nonsense.

  15. I'm like another one, would love to watch you quilt. We have two quilting clubs here and I've often thought what fun it would be. Both of them meet all day, bring pot luck lunch and then back at it. They seem to have such a good time.

    Happy weekend!

  16. How frustrating! I've done things like that too.

    One of the first quilts that started my love of quilting was a blue and white Irish Chain. It was gorgeous.

  17. I've done my share of spilling on things. Glad you got those brown spots out!
    I'm so ready for Spring too. Your trip will be here before you know it along with the warm air in Florida!

  18. Diet Coke spill: Oh. NO! At least it wasn't on your computer, though! :)
    Your temps sound just like ours were last week. This has been such a weird winter.


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