Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Fragments


Mommy's Idea


It’s Friday … time for Friday Fragments … perfect meme for the Queen of Random.  Winking smile


Winter is back … it’s going to be cold for the next 10 days … high of just 26 tomorrow.  It is snowing, which would be the saving grace out of this cold weather … if the forecast was for any accumulation, which it’s not.  Sad smile


Watched all 4 Ts last night and will have some more T time tonight as Mama and Daddy are treating T#1 to Star Wars in 3-D (I’m not sure what that boy loves most – Star Wars or Legos Winking smile).   Which is why I ordered a Star Wars Lego kit for his 10th birthday (next Thursday).


DH and I have been on a puzzle-working kick lately.  We finished a difficult smaller puzzle yesterday, and if that weren’t enough, we started on a similar puzzle in a larger size.  Working on the puzzles has been keeping me out of the sewing room … but I’m determined to get back to sewing this weekend. 


I had to buy a new purse.  I have a love-hate relationship with purse shopping.  I love getting a new purse, but I have such a difficult time finding a purse that’s just the right size and style.  This time I decided to go with a cross-body bag (I have a hard time keeping purse straps from sliding off my shoulder, and with the traveling that we do, I thought a cross-body bag would be a good [and safe] choice) … the stores are carrying quite a lot of them, so I thought I’d have an easy time finding one.  <sigh>  No such luck.  I did find one on sale and grabbed it in near desperation … turns out that it works fine … ok, it could be just a little larger, but it works, and I’m pleased with it.


The empty lot behind us has been sold, and work has begun on the basement.  I have to confess that I miss the sounds of construction … when we moved into this subdivision, there were 2 houses complete and 2 houses under construction.  Since then 21 more houses have been built/sold (not counting the lot just sold).  We’ve gone from being the only homeowners to being one of 25. 


  1. Happy Friday to you, There is something about boys and Lego's as well as Star Wars. Our two grandsons love them both! They always want to know if we remember this character or that and of course we don't. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Snow for us too! I hope not too much.

  3. The sounds of construction bring back memories for me so I agree with you as long as they observe normal hours of the day. Having watched my Mom and wife sew, I would say sewing and puzzles are about the same.

  4. Sounds like your subdivision is really growing!

    We're getting snow right now too. Maybe 1-3 inches is what they are calling for and that is plenty to me.

    I love working puzzles too and you make me want to get one out, but I just started a new afghan and I'm trying to make myself spend time working on it each evening.

    Love your background. It's really pretty.

    Have a great weekend Kathy

  5. Lego's are the standby boy toy in my house. For the girls, I keep a couple of dolls, and "cooking" things. Have a good weekend with the grands.

  6. It might wreck havoc on your home value but wouldn't it be nice if you could be the first and only home owner in your subdivision? I've often thought that.

  7. Going to be a chilly weekend here too, 22 degrees tomorrow night, burrrrr! But, guess we should have a little winter since it is winter. :o) But, I'm ready for Spring anytime it gets ready to show it's face.

    I was into puzzle working a few years back but haven't recently except with the Grans. :o)

    Happy Valentine's Day my friend!

  8. We have snow coming our way as well. 1-3 inches at most. I don't mind that as much as the Artic cold coming right behind it. If we are lucky, we will get UP to 10! Sounds like a good time with all those little ones. So happy for you.

  9. I think we may see a little snow tomorrow. I love purse shopping! There are so many great ones out there for spring....I need a little color I think : )

  10. One has to love Legos and Star Wars...perfect combination for a young imagination!

  11. At least it is winter somewhere. We are having such a warm winter, it is unbelievable. It's nice, but I can't help but feel we are going to be paying for it at some point or another. Have fun with your grandkids! :o) xo

  12. Stay warm. T#1 is going to enjoy the movie in 3D. Glad you found a purse that works. How long have you been in the house?

  13. We are getting some cold weather finally, but no snow. As usual. What a perfect birthday gift! I am the exact same way about purses!

  14. We are getting colder weather here too this weekend.

    And purses are so expensive, but I love them.


  15. Wish we would have more snow here too. Just been cold and breezy. I am bad about shopping for purses. Some people buy too many shoes fore me it is purses. Ross and TJ Max are the best places to shop for my purse habit. Hope you get more snow than predicted.

  16. That's what happened when we relocated to the coast...from our backyard we had views of open field. Then, the property sold and no views at all except for neighbors' homes. LOL One positive note on this tho, when it was open field, the mosquito population was something awful to deal with ---now that there is grass and homes --hardly any mosquitoes. Yay.

    Tell me, what are you sewing? Any special project? Oh and legos and star wars. My son...who will be 40 this May was in love with both way back when ------it boggles the mind how little has changed, but still legos are not what they were years ago. Heck, I'd even love to build with what they have now!!! LOL

  17. My grandsons are crazy about Lego's but they haven't seen Star Wars but I bet they will be crazy about them too.
    I hope you got to sew some this weekend. I never get to sew as much as I think I will on weekends. To much stuff going on.
    So you hate buying purses too? I don't do it very often. I think the ones I have now I have had for years, well except my chicken purse and my husband and daughter bought that. I am just not a fan.
    My daughter has one of those over the chest kind and it looks great and she likes it a lot.
    I think your puzzles sound fun especially with winter returning again. I am so glad it is finally cold here too.
    We hit 80 degrees on Friday.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  18. My sons were SO into star wars when they were young. My grandsons love it now too. We keep legos at our house for the grandkids; the girls love them too. I hate stepping on the loose suckers:(
    We had less than an inch of snow here in Philadelphia this week. My tulips are trying to come up. I have a feeling the BIG one is coming!!

  19. I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and were able to stay warm! It was cold here, too, we reached a low of 24 degrees.

    I never cared much about purses, then I got caught up in the Vera Bradley craze years ago...Her purses were all so well organized I can't make myself buy anything else now. Unfortunately, I can't make myself get rid of the old ones either :)


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