Monday, March 12, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @<br />lowercase letters

I got to watch the Ts Saturday evening.  While I only had a couple of hours with them (because they had an early bedtime in anticipation of the time change), it was still a wonderful evening spent with my four favorite little people (can a 10 y.o. who’s soon going to be as tall as his Nana be called a little person???).   

I woke up to a gorgeous sunrise Sunday morning. 
2012_0311Sunrise0002 Too bad the weather for the rest of the day wasn’t as gorgeous … we had rain all afternoon and evening.  At least it’s going to be a nice day today … in the mid 70’s. 

The fillable plastic Easter eggs I ordered for the Ts came Saturday.  They turned out fantastic.  Lea at Cici’s Corner shared the link (and the pictures of the ones she ordered for her grands) in last week’s Miscellany Monday. 

I’ve been working on my blue and white Irish chain quilt, but now that the weather is turning nice, I will be spending more of my daylight hours enjoying the wonderful weather. I just love, love, love spring … the anticipation of buds turning to blooms, the greening up of the grass and the trees, the warmer weather, the longer days. 

I am still in the process of changing the time on the clocks time-keeping devices … we only have two clocks … but we have three appliances, landscaping lights timer and exterior lights timer that keep time/have clocks, and that’s not counting our laptops and cable box (which automatically change time – whew!).  I’ve changed the time on the two clocks … but still need to change the time on the appliances and timers.  The only downside to the time change, for me, is changing all the clocks and timers.  Otherwise, I love having more daylight at the end of the day (and wouldn’t mind if we had daylight saving time all year long). 


  1. It is a great time of the year, but that clock changing is a pain. I always forget at least one or two - usually the phone, landscape lighting or the thermostats.

    Those eggs are darling!

  2. I know what you mean about changing all those clocks! I'm still not finished either! I'm also "dragging" while trying to get used to the time change.

    I hope your weather is nice today. Friday was our "perfect" day, then the next two days were windy and cooler. It's too early to tell about today yet.

  3. Look at that sky... beautiful!

    We have a clock that is supposed to adjust by itself - it doesnt - so we fix it ... only to have it switch back. We're on try #4

  4. Good morning! Still adjusting all the clocks over here too, haha. I hate it until I stop thinking..."it's really on 4 or 5 or whatever it is" haha. I missed the post on the eggs so I am off to check it out. Have a good day! HUGS

  5. All the house clocks are set. Now if I could just get my body clock on track we'd be good : )

    Gorgeous photo!

  6. Happy Monday to you. Sounds like a great weekend and so much fun with your T's. My body is still adjusting to the time change, I sure didn't want to get up today. Love the sunrise photo. Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. I tellya, I just flat out refused to conform to the government and change my clocks. I am going to stay on regular time. What the heck, I don't need to change the hours now that I have no time schedule, and it's going to help my sleeping habits and eating habits, I know.

    As for a 10 yr. old as tall as you...nope, it's not a 'little person' anymore. And that sunrise........whoa. It absolutely takes my breath away. Such a wonderful job of work on the painting for you and those in your area...HE does good work.

  8. I am laughing all the time change comments! we are ok with it excuse to get the kids to bed earlier..and your sunrise picture is just gorgeous!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can. good luck on your quilt!

  9. The timer I forget every year is the one for the fish tank! I never remember to change it and we have had fish for YEARS!! Go figure. Enjoy the sun and warmth of Spring.


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