Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy First Day of Summer!



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Yay!  It’s official!  Summer is here!!  And as someone with zero tolerance for cold, I have to say that I LOVE summer. 


And with perfect timing, our summer-time weather has arrived.  We’ve got 90+ temperatures in store for the next week.  We’re praying that the warm, dry weather is just what our garden needs.  Winking smile


Another sign that it’s officially summer:  local sweet corn should be available at farmers’ markets and produce stands next week … and I cannot wait!  Too bad our attempts to grow sweet corn in our garden were to no avail.  Sad smile 


There’s not a whole lot on our weekend agenda … which at Chez Nana means that we’ll be as busy as all get out.  But while I wait for the change in plans, I’ll probably be doing some sewing (pineapple blocks) and quilting (T#4’s quilt).  With yard and garden work and swim meets 2 nights/week, I haven’t had as much time to do either one as I would have liked … so I plan to make up for it over the weekend. 


It figures … now that I’m seeking medical attention for the cyst on my foot, it’s been bothering me quite a bit more than it had in the previous 6 weeks.  Even so, it’s still not been bothersome enough to interfere with my normal activity. 


There will be a Super Moon on the Sunday, the 23rd.  We were blessed enough to have been at Hilton Head for the Super Moon in May, 2012 … I have to tell you that seeing the Super Moon rise on the ocean was a spectacular site (my photography skills didn’t do it justice).2012_05052012HiltonHeadMay0034


Enjoy your first day of summer!


  1. Good morning! I suppose it's because of where I live, but summers are WAY too warm for me, haha. I MUCH prefer the winter weather here. But I have a feeling if I lived in a snow area I'd be singing another tune, haha. I am just about finished cutting out the rag quilt, so hopefully I can begin putting it together today. Still contemplating my options on my first quilt project, haha. Hope you get lots done today. Enjoy your week-end!

  2. OUCH.. a painful foot is no fun!

    Just think of it this way - you can now support your local farmers :)

    The heat is hitting us this weekend too - & I've got a wedding to do... I think I'm going to be a sweat bomb by the end of it :) Just trying to think of ways to keep the bride & groom cool

  3. Sounds like a low key weekend.....ha! You're always busy!

    I hope I get a good picture of the super moon Sunday night....we'll just be getting back into town that afternoon.

  4. I'm reading your post below this as I type a comment about your first day of summer too...
    Pineapple blocks? What's that? I've not heard of this quilt pattern before.

    You and I both wrote about the Super Moon. GMTA.

    And we've had several 'summer days' Spring. But I'm not complaining, we did get some rain with it...need more tho.

    As for the Senior Parks Pass...ya, I know -- we have one. I was just adding that for others that may want to go who visit my blog.

  5. I'll have to watch for that super moon. But it's likely to be cloudy here. It's been that way here so often for the last six months.

  6. I'll be watching for the super moon. Hope you get answers about your foot and it is feeling better soon. Have a great weekend. ~Jeanne

  7. Hi there, Love hearing about your plans for the weekend. You just amaze me at how busy you are. I started drawing designs on the quilt top but also need to figure in some other designs. We are having our girl and her five over for dinner tonight and another couple over tomorrow night-so don't know how much I'll get done. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Noreen

  8. Have a great weekend and thanks for the heads up on the Super Moon

  9. Happy Summer to you too Kathy! I LOVE SUMMER!!! Hope you get your foot back to healthy super quick - you've got lots to do and don't have time to mess with a sore foot :*D

  10. I am excited about the "super moon" I think tomorrow is when its supposed to be the closest. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, they are predicting storms. I think the photo you got was great. I like summer until the temps and humidity start matching...then I am indoors, but I prefer heat over cold any day!
    Have a great weekend

  11. I am so sorry about your foot. I hope you won't be out of commission if they have to do something with it.
    Have a nice Weekend.


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