Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Morning Miscellany


I can’t believe it’s Thursday already!  This week has just flown by! 


We stopped by the garden again yesterday.  It’s official … our tomatoes are toast. 



So we replanted – again.  Maybe the third time’s a charm?  We noticed that while we did have a little bit of corn coming up, it wasn’t going to be enough to provide us with much, if any, corn … and that part of the garden plot was higher than much of the rest of the garden.  So we decided to scrap the corn and put in tomatoes instead.



I also noticed that one of the two zucchini replantings has sprouted … that gives us 3 zucchini plants which will be too much plenty.  The two that sprouted from our first planting may not be thriving, but they are holding on.  Hopefully when we finally get out of monsoon season and it warms up, they’ll take off.




And there’s no change with our beans … our second replanting has produced no sprouts, and our first planting is holding on as well (that’s string running across in the photo … for the beans to climb … hopefully?).  We planted a few more seeds to fill in the gaps in our row of beans.  



And this is what we found when we came home from the garden. 


We’d been given notice that the village water department would be doing some work to provide water to the house under construction across the street.  And we knew that this day would be coming … the water mains are all on our side of the street, and we’d seen this in our neighbors’ yards as houses were being built on the other side of the street.  When I took the picture, they’d finished up and were putting the dirt back into the hole.  After a few weeks, when the dirt has had time to settle, they’ll come back and refill if necessary and lay down sod. 


We got a little rain last night, but thankfully it was a very gentle rain, so I don’t think we got any significant accumulation.


I didn’t get any time with needle and thread yesterday.  After we got home from the garden, it was time to prepare a meal for a young family from church who just had a baby … and then time to prepare our meal.  It was such a nice day yesterday that we decided to go for a walk after dinner. 


Other than a 9:00 eye exam this morning, I have nothing scheduled … hopefully I’ll get some needle and thread time today.  Winking smile


  1. Good morning! Wow...a hole big enough to need a tractor! Guess they do fill it back up etc., but still....We had people from Melody's church that brought us dinner 5 of the nights we were there. What a blessing that was! I think that is a wonderful ministry to participate in. Years ago I was involved in this too, though I only brought dinner for new parents once. It seemed like it happened more often for someone who had just had surgery. Either way, I love to see others blessing someone else like that. Good luck with this garden! and enjoy your day with needle and thread!

  2. Sure hope your tomatoes make it this time! Hard to believe we were in a drought a year ago. Do you have a favorite goto menu when you do meals for a family? I often find myself fixing the same thing when it is my turn. Happy stitching today! ~Jeanne

  3. I have to give you lots of credit for replanting!!! Some of my friends have a garden and have lots of veggies! Us? No garden. We had one years ago. Lame!

    How nice to prepare a meal for a family with a new baby!

    We got lots of rain here yesterday and are in store for more today with T.S. Andrea coming ashore.

  4. Hope your garden will soon take off and grow very well.

  5. Corn is so difficult to get to grow, so happy to know yours was at least trying to hang on. I know how thankful I was for the people in our church that made meals for us when I had back surgery, it was so much easier on my hubby knowing he didn't have to do it. I am giving away a traveling stash box, ends tomorrow, lots of goodies....

  6. So nice and too bad about your garden. I see why you are thinking of garden beds at your house next year.
    It sounds like a very nice day. I like the walk afterward.
    I have had the hardest time with my green beans every year. I never can figure out why.
    I hope your monsoon season is over soon too. :)
    Have fun stitching.

  7. maybe you'll be surprised at all the goodies you get out of that garden

    My heart moaned for you... such a pretty yard & they tore it up - UGH! Glad they're going to sod it

  8. maybe you'll be surprised at all the goodies you get out of that garden

    My heart moaned for you... such a pretty yard & they tore it up - UGH! Glad they're going to sod it

  9. maybe you'll be surprised at all the goodies you get out of that garden

    My heart moaned for you... such a pretty yard & they tore it up - UGH! Glad they're going to sod it

  10. There's been a lot of that hole digging in our neighborhood lately, too. Ours is an old, settled neighborhood, so these are repair/upgrade holes. Oh well, at least it gives someone a job. I think your problem with the beans might be that they need warm soil to sprout, depending on the variety. Keep the faith, when things start, you'll have an abundance!

  11. Well, at least they will come back and add sod. Bummer on the garden. I can pass along a really good zucchini spice cake recipe later this year if you'd like.

  12. hope your garden recovers and thrives!glad they didn't make too big a mess in your yard. we have gotten 2.5 inches of rain in the last two days. expecting more. the plants and grass look happy now...just hope they don't get drowned tomorrow!

  13. Sorry your tomatoes and corn didn't make it but I'm glad everything else is doing well. I just have a tomato plant this year and it's doing very well. Well that didn't take them very long out in front! A walk after dinner sounds lovely. Have a nice weekend.


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