Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday’s This and That


As you all know, I’m a quilter … and I hand quilt … I use a 16” wooden lap hoop.  I love this hoop!  With it being square, there’s more quiltable area inside the hoop, which means that I don’t have to move the hoop quite as often … and it’s a perfect size - it’s not too big so I can reach the center comfortably, even with my short arms.  Winking smile 


Unfortunately the bolt and nut have gone bad.  While I keep my quilt fairly slack inside the hoop, I like to have the frame itself good and tight so there’s no movement or shifting of the quilt.  My first thought was “am I overtightening the bolt and nut?”, but both DH and I are inclined to think that’s not the case … I have almost NO arm strength, so it’s hard to imagine that I could tighten it too much.  DH is going to shop for a new bolt and nut for me … hopefully he’ll find one that will fit. 


We got our first bid on our deck project … the bid came in less than I expected but more than DH expected.  We’ve still got more bids coming. 


As I expected, most of our garden was under water again after the thunderstorms that moved through yesterday morning.  <sigh>  Hopefully the water has dried up … I have to wonder how many times those plants can be in standing water and still survive. 


Since Google Reader’s days are numbered, I thought I’d go ahead and switch to Bloglovin.   That was a mistake.  It turns out that there are still blogs that don’t come through my Bloglovin feed.  I contacted Bloglovin support twice.  The second time their response was that all my blogs were feeding properly … I responded, identifying the blogs that still were not feeding but heard nothing back.  Baring teeth smile 


Have a terrific Thursday!


  1. I have the same trouble with Bloglovin. Works sometimes and sometimes not.

  2. I really hate that google has dropped the reader. I haven't changed to anything yet. With Internet Explorer I can add feeds and I'm just reading everything there. Not the same, but at least it's something.

  3. Ohhh. I like the square hoop! I have an oval that I am trying out for now. I really need to get back to hand quilting..... too much prep work for vacation going on at my house.

  4. I just switched to bloglovin too, have used much yet. We just found out we have deer that is feasting on our garden...and we live in suburbia!!! geez!

  5. I had issues with BlogLovin too - but they seemed to get it straightened out... just keep sending them messages.

  6. I hope your hubby is able to fix your hoop. It's tough to lose a well used/loved tool. Many things are still water logged around here. The gardens, the corn fields, and the bean fields are going to have another tough year. :( The good news of the day is sunshine! And I was able to have my walk outside - woo hoo! Off to a t-ball game tonight - a great summer day! ~Jeanne

  7. Hi, Kathy! I'm still around, believe it or not! I have yet to make the switch to Bloglovin'. What I've had a difficult time with lately is uploading my photos from Ribbet to my blog. Seems to take FOREVER and a day! That's another reason I haven't been around much...just takes so much time! UGH! Hope you're enjoying your summer!

  8. I will lose most of the blogs I read if I have to depend on bloglovin. the same posts show up over and over. What to do, what to do???

    I hope you get a new nut and bolt and bless your little plants!

  9. It's certainly turning out to be a wet summer, isn't it? It rains every day here!

    In response to your question about the difference between front and rear tine tillers--it's difficult to explain, but the rear tine tiller is much easier to use! The tines, which tear up the dirt, are located behind the wheels so it's much easier to push. The front tine tiller's tines are located in front of the tires and make it more difficult to push.

  10. I'm so glad you showed the hoop you use because I've wondered. I use to cross stitch for many, many years and I used a hoop much like this only smaller. Those were the days!

    I generally just use my sidebar for my blog reading and the newest entries just shift towards the top. I just wish Blogger and Google would leave well enough alone.

    Happy weekend!

  11. Sorry about the water on your garden again :( I played with Bloglovin' and Feedly for several months. Feedly has won me over. The more you use it the more you see that it is very similar to Google Reader. Your deck project sounds super exciting.


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