Friday, October 14, 2011

10 Things I’m Craving


I saw this on a blog I happened across the other day (one of those convoluted trails that started by clicking on a comment on one of my regular blogs … so convoluted that in hindsight I had no clue now how I got there! ha!).  I thought it was so interesting that I thought I’d steal borrow that idea.


10 Things I’m Craving Right Now

  1. Open windows with a breeze blowing in
  2. The sound of waves hitting the shore 
  3. The feel of sand between my toes
  4. Being able to sleep until I’m good and ready to get up
  5. The smell of freshly-baked bread (and the taste, too!)
  6. A big old squeezie (what the Ts call a hug)
  7. Another double chocolate snickers cookie
  8. Some time with my needle and thread
  9. Being retired full-time again
  10. Hearing a little voice say “I love you, Nana”



  1. Those are wonderful lists of cravings! Soon you'll be able to cross #9 off your list! And then that might help with #4 being crossed off too!! Cute idea to do cravings like this!

    happy weekend!


  2. Love it! I think your list is perfect!

  3. I love the windows open and the curtains blowing.

  4. Loved your grands call hugs squeezes too... : ) Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

  5. It all sounds like Heaven to me!!
    I would love to hear the waves hitting the shore.


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