Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yay! It's the Weekend!

Ahhhhhhhhhh ... the weekend has arrived!  And I think it's going to be a great one ... it's certainly gotten off to a wonderful start!

We visited my dad yesterday.  It was a good visit ... my dad got to show off his lawn and his trees (again ... one of his pleasures is working out in his yard); we played some Rook; and we just had a nice visit. 

We hurried home to get ready to head to DD's for T#4's birthday party ... she turns 2 today.  It certainly did my heart good when T#1 and T#2 both asked to have me sit next to them at dinner.  Of course, after the presents were opened, we turned on the baseball game, and our Cardinals won another game.  ;-)

I was able to turn off the alarm clock last night ... and slept until I was ready to get up this morning.  It was a little chilly when I got up this morning, so I turned the fireplace on (it's a gas fireplace - turns on with a touch of a switch - pure bliss on a chilly morning like this).  DH is at church ... he cooks for the monthly men's prayer breakfast ... so it's just our lab and me.  It's a nice, quiet start to what's going to be a nice, quiet day as there's absolutely nothing on my calendar for today, and I'm really relishing that.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do today, but I am sure that I'll spend a good chunk of the day quilting.

I'm not sure what's in store for tomorrow ... I know we'll be in church tomorrow morning, I'll have my weekly "conference call" with my sisters and my dad, and the Cardinals will play again.

Next week looks to be another busy week, so I'm going to enjoy a  nice, quiet weekend that's filled with the people I love and the things I love to do. 


  1. I like that conference call you have with your sisters/dad; I'm sure it is a great way to keep in touch! Happy birthday to little "T".

    Enjoy the day of doing what you want and the quietness of it!!

    Go Cardinals!!


  2. Oh, to have a day with nothing I had to do and no one needing me. AH........what a sweet thought!

    Sounds like a great weekend and a great start to a new week.

  3. I enjoy a nice, quiet weekend too. But this weekend was full for us- which I enjoy even more when any of our daughters come home! It's shaping up to be a nice, quiet Monday though! And I am sitting here shivering while coveting your gas logs! LOL


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