Thursday, April 12, 2012

Geek Squad Nana

I’d noticed over the last couple of days that my wireless mouse was acting a little strange … I noticed a little bit of a lag when using the mouse and I intermittently would get the notification that the touchpad had been disabled. Since I always keep the wireless mouse connected (using a USB mini-plug), I shouldn’t be getting that notification. I had a USB port go bad on an old desktop computer a few years back, so I thought maybe this port was going bad … seemed like a simple solution to move the mini-plug to another USB port … I’ve got 3 ports on my laptop after all. That’s when I noticed that the USB mini-plug for my wireless mouse was squished way into the USB port – to where it was virtually flush with the case of the laptop. Uh oh! I tried pulling the mini-plug out with my fingers – no luck. I tried using tweezers – no luck. I tried using a pair of pliers – no luck. I tried a knife – succeeded in breaking off the tip of the blade (which I could see in the USB port, but could get out). I called DH who happened to be running errands … told him that he’d be making a trip to Best Buy as soon as he got home, to take my laptop in for the Geek Squad to see if they could get the mini-plug (and knife blade tip) out. I must have worked the mini-plug loose a little with the knife, because I saw that there was a little more of the mini-plug sticking out … enough that I could grab ahold of just enough with the pliers … and pulled it (and the knife blade tip) out. The exterior portion of the mini-plug looks pretty beat up, but it’s still working (just not in the original USB port). Whew! No trip to Best Buy … no need to when there’s a Geek Squad Nana in the house. Winking smile

We’ve been on a jigsaw puzzle kick this week.  One of the things we do when traveling is look for local-interest puzzles to bring home as a souvenir.  We picked up this one at the Coe Visitor’s Center at the Everglades National Park when we were in southern Florida.

That didn’t take very long to put together.  Our next puzzle was one of Charles Wysocki’s work (my favorite).  That didn’t take a whole lot longer.  We’re now working a smaller puzzle, but it’s a seascape with a lighthouse (we love lighthouses).  Because it’s got so much blue sky and blue water, it’s taking a little longer. 

Is anyone else having trouble with loading of websites found when doing Google searches lately?  Lately, I’ve been having websites that take forever to load when trying to open from a Google search, but if I enter the URL directly, it’ll open right up.  Frustrating.

It’s turned quite chilly here … downright cold in my world.  We’ve had freeze warnings the last couple of nights.  We covered our azaleas and hyndrangea Tuesday night, but it only got to 34, so we were spared.  We were a little confused last night … there was a freeze warning, but the low was only supposed to be 36, so we decided that we wouldn’t need to cover anything.  It got down to 33, but there was fairly significant frost.  I walked around the yard late this morning, and so far I haven’t seen any evidence of any damage to my plants. 

Tonight is the first playoff game for the Blues, and tomorrow is the home opener for the Cardinals.  Exciting time for the sports fans here at Chez Nana. 


  1. Today it was about 55 here. I still had on a sweater. I am use to the Texas heat. I am glad your flowers were ok.

  2. I'm very impressed that you were able to fix your computer! Good for you! It dropped down fairly low here last night. I woke up this morning and was FREEZING! I took our electric blanket off our bed about 3 weeks ago...what was I thinking?

  3. I like Geek Squad Nana, that is a very cute title. I did notice that it takes longer for a page to load but since I have so many kids in the house down loading or playing games I just thought it was them eating bandwidth.
    My dashboard is gone again, I have noticed that. I am sort of dead in the water right now. I guess I should put all of the blogs I read in my sidebar.
    We are supposed to have a big storm this weekend with the snow levels dropping.
    I am glad I don't really have my plants out. I know the rain and hail has really hurt the blooms on my irises.
    We haven't done puzzles here is a while, I have always liked Charles Wysocki too.
    Have a nice evening watching the game.

  4. You are one take charge woman!!! Glad you finally got the knife blade and the plug out. It might help to delete temp files and cookies but I think Google Chrome is just slow! ~Jeanne

  5. Hi there, So many are having problems but our problem is that we left my laptop at home(the newer one)and brought one that is soooo slow. Sending hugs and sunshine your way.

  6. Wow, baseball beginning already! I like how you guys do puzzles together!! Good for you for figuring out your computer woes!


  7. Golly, it's been a while since I paid you a visit. Geek Squad Nana indeed!!! You go girl. But the knife blade episode sounds like something I'd do. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that will try everything and anything to fix it!! Make it all better.

    Nope I'm not having any trouble getting through a Google Search. At least not for now. And I use it daily...often.

    Ohhhhhhhhh, it never fails, does it?!!! Beautiful, blooming flowers and bushes for Spring and then.......poof....a hard freeze.

    Hope you've been doing well. Miss your visiting.

    1.!!!!! Baseball season!!! Yay.

  8. We are still using the pellet stove at night as it goes down into the low 30's and 20's. The day time temps goes into the mid-high 50's. Glad you were able to fix your computer without the Geek Squad.

  9. Whew about the mouse! I've never used the Geek Squad, but I could imagine that they're kind of expensive.
    What do you do with the puzzles when you're through? That's a great idea for some together time!

  10. Way to go Greek Squad Nana! I love your idea of picking up puzzles on your trips. We were very cold yesterday and with all the rain the mountains are full of snow. Have a nice weekend.


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