Monday, April 30, 2012

The Weekend Wrap Up


Thursday, I had absolutely nothing on my agenda and planned to spend the day quilting.  Instead I spent the day at DD’s.  T#1 had saved up his money and bought himself a new game The Settlers of Catan … and needed someone to play with him.  DD and I were his worthy opponents … but he still whipped our behinds!  It was a game I’d never heard of, but it was fun. 

We had dinner followed by a rousing game of kickball, where I went 0 for 3.  It was boys vs girls, and while the boys thrashed us, we still had a great time.  My legs were a little sore Friday morning, but that was a small price to pay for the fun we had.


After a lazy start to my Friday, I got a phone call from DD asking if I would like some “T-time” since we’ll be leaving soon.  Obviously I said yes!  I prepared a new recipe that evening … chicken florentine pasta … I found the recipe over at Mrs. 4444’s recipe blog after I linked up with Friday Fragments.  It was yummy!  Chicken, spinach, pasta, parmesan cheese … what’s not to love?  I wrapped my Friday up watching the Cardinals defeat the Milwaukee Brewers.


Saturday was a quilting/sports/storm marathon.  I had planned the quilting and sports portion of the marathon … the storm portion not so much.  I spent the afternoon quilting in my chair in the living room, watching the Cardinals beat the Brewers again.  After the game, I continued quilting … until we heard the storm sirens sound and headed down to the basement.  We finished dinner just in time to sit down to watch the Blues take on the Kings in the conference semi-finals, when once again the storm sirens sounded … and once again we spent another half hour in the basement … when the storm passed and we were able to head back upstairs, the Blues had scored their only goal of their defeat by the Kings. 


After church Sunday, I had lunch with DD and some mother-daughter bonding at Target (we picked up some cleaning supplies and paper products for a sweet woman at church who’s been given some discouraging news regarding her cancer).  DH & I spent the afternoon getting the bulk of our packing done … we’ll finish up tomorrow.  I finished up my Sunday with quilting. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I haven't played kick ball in years.

  2. Sounds like a busy and enjoyable week-end...Kickball huh? I am impressed... : )

  3. Your weekend sounds fun, except for the storm siren part! Impressive that you can still play kickball :) Have a great week--with an upcoming trip, I'm sure you will!!!

  4. Sorry about the storms, but glad you are o.k. What a wonderful thing to be near your daughter and grandchild! I must say with mine living so far away, I'm a bit envious, but very happy that you get to spend time. Making memories!

  5. sure hope you didn't get hit by any more storms! we were in alton when that storm hit on saturday, but luckily we didn't get caught in anything too bad. sunday night we had storms, but again, not as bad as some. been quite a year for them.

    i bet you are really excited about your trip! 25 years ago this week my hubby and i were in hawaii celebrating our honeymoon. it was beautiful then, and i'm sure it's even more beautiful now!

  6. I bet you sure are excited. I hope you have a lovely time. My kids love Settlers of Cattan too. They want to play it all of the time.
    It sounds like you had a very nice weekend.
    I will be thinking and praying for you on your trip, Kathy.

  7. I like thunderstorms and all, but not the kind of storms where the tornado sirens go off. Just too eerie for me. How nice for you and your daughter to do what you did for that lady at church. It's always nice to help someone in need. I think you're pretty awesome to be playing kickball...oh, the memories in the making!

  8. Kickball, baseball and hockey… all in one day too! (even if baseball and hockey just meant sitting in front of the TV - it still counts as being athletic, right?)

  9. Could you have packed anymore into your weekend? I mean, really! You had fun, excitement, and did an act of kindness. Good for you!

    Glad you all have a basement to retreat to during the storms. I wish my daughter did. :o)

    Enjoy the packing and know you will have another wonderful time at HH. Happy week!

  10. Back to the kickball again????? You are brave! It sounds like an interesting game.

  11. All in all, a busy but delightful time had...except for the storm sirens.

    Sorry I'm so late in getting over to visit with you since you left your comment in my blog on ...I've been feeling poorly with a bout of the flu. Hope your week has been treating you well, and I wanted to thank you for stopping by.

    My newest post if you care to view: REDHEADS

  12. Now that sounds like a perfect weekend starting on Thursday. Nothing like spending times with the T's.


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