Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday’s Thoughts

Not a whole lot going on here at Chez Nana.  A sign of a boring life?  Or just the calm before the storm?  Winking smile  Either way, all I’ve got today is a bunch of randomness.

Don’t you just hate it when someone “steals your thunder”?  Over the last month, we’d lost our internet connection 3 times.  It would go out … and our router would revert back to the factory settings (with no assigned password, even though it required one).  I’d have to call our ISP, who would always get us back up and running.  It happened again Sunday night, and to say that I was frustrated was an understatement.  I called our ISP and was determined that this would be the last time that I’d have to make this call.  I was determined to be polite … but insistent that they do something to fix this permanently.  After I explained the problem … but before I could insist on a permanent solution, the tech said that this was unacceptable and that they’d have a tech out on Monday to get this resolved.  While it seems to be a popular thing to badmouth our ISP, we’ve had nothing but very positive experiences. 

We watched Faith Like Potatoes last night.  We’d had that DVD for a loooong time (I’m surprised I didn’t get an email reminding me to return it when we were done viewing it … but I guess that as long as they’re getting their monthly fee from us, they’re ok – ha!).  It was a good movie, although it got off to a rather slow start.  It’s based on a true story, which always appeals to me.  I need to go check my queue to see what’s up next … I wonder how long we’ll have it before we get a chance to watch it – with Cardinals games almost every night and with the Blues still playing, we don’t have a lot of free evenings to watch movies. 

I seem to be on a reading kick lately … and the subject of my reading has been dogs.  I finished up Dean Koontz’s book A Big Little Life: a Memoir of a Joyful Dog while we were in Florida.  Earlier this week, I finished Leigh Brill’s book A Dog Named Slugger.  And yesterday I started Amazing Gracie: a Dog’s Tale.  As you may know, we’re currently dog-less, and I’m wondering if I’m getting my “dog fix” through books.  Neither DH nor I are quite ready to add a dog to our household (DH is even less ready than I am) … and while I hope that we are able to find the perfect dog for us, I don’t know what the Lord has in mind for us as far as dogs are concerned.  In the meantime, I’ll be content with reading about dogs.  Winking smile

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned pork steaks as a food unique to the St. Louis area … that made me so hungry for pork steaks that we got some and cooked them out on the grill. I think we’ll grill some chicken breasts today.

Every morning I check the long-range forecast for Hilton Head … and every morning it changes.  One day the forecast is for warm weather and sunny skies, the next it’s for cooler weather and rain.  I know that meteorologists have a hard enough time with a 24-hour forecast, so expecting a long-range forecast to be accurate is unrealistic.  Still, it just seems odd that the forecast can change so much in such a short period of time.

Speaking of weather, we’re in store for another nice day here.  A high in the mid 70’s with sunny skies.  DH has taken our car into the shop this morning for some routine maintenance.  Maybe we’ll go for a bike ride when he gets home this afternoon.  In the meantime, I think I’ll do some quilting.


  1. Faith Like Potatoes...never heard of it, but I sure love the title. We watched The Help last weekend and it was one of the best movies I've ever seen! Loved it from start to finish! I still find it so hard to believe that life was really like that back then. If you ever consider getting another dog, I highly recommend a Shih Tzu...sweetest dogs ever! Plus, they don't shed! We got ours at a flea market and she has won all of our hearts. Enjoy your warm weather. Our temps are expected to reach the lower 80's today. Hopefully, I can put away my sweatshirts, once and for all!

  2. It would really be hard for me to be dogless. I had to laugh because my husband has never been a dog person and just puts up with my affliction.
    I love dog books and I would read them lots too, in fact, I tried to collect everything Albert Payson Terhune wrote about dogs. I was trying to read White Fang and I couldn't take the dog abuse.
    It sounds like really nice weather in your area. We are having a storm today. Everyone I think will be our last. It isn't cold though.
    I bet you are getting excited about your trip. I would be.
    I laughed about you having a movie for so long. Our queue is stalled. My sons have a series in it that just came out that says very long wait. The things I want to watch won't be out until the second week of May. I think you are right about the monthly fee.
    Speaking of, it is 2.49 for 25 gig of space. I only had five to start with when I started blogging. So it is still really cheap. Only now the free service isn't free, and it makes me wonder if I will get any better support.
    Okay, sorry this is long, I like random posts. I am glad your Pork Steaks on the BBQ were good, I never thought about BBQing them before.
    Okay, have a nice day Kathy.

  3. Pork steaks sound really good! I need to check the freezer when I get home. lol

    Glad your computer problems are fixed and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Sure hope you got some quilting time in today! The steaks sounds good, I have ribs in the crockpot for today-it's too cold to grill, at least for me.
    I grew up afraid of dogs and now own 2, the love of a dog changed everything.

  5. Hi there, Loved reading all about your days. I too can't wait to see how the weather is going to be in H.H. I mentioned to one of the wives last night that we should consider going there for our next golf trip(it is so much cheaper than here)but she said when they were there it rained constantly. When we were there it didn't rain at all.
    I understand you reading about dogs-and getting your fix. It has been hard for me lately-I just get so sad thinking about our Sadie(who I always miss)and our Reggie. I am hopeful that the Lord will lead us to the perfect dog when we get back-we will be dogsitting our daughter's Bichonpoo so that will help. I continue to lift you up in regards to a new dog-I know He will lead at the perfect time or take away your heart desire for one. I would cherish your prayers for our travel home-hubby has hurt his heel and is having trouble walking. He's icing today and taking Advil, but with a golf bag and suitcase, it is going to be a chore at the airport. God is so good to us. Just think in a few days, you'll be on your way. Love Noreen

  6. I hadn't thought of pork steak in years. I had an Uncle that lived in Crystal City, close to St. Louis that loved to grill out pork steak. I'm not an animal person but my sister and brother, along with 2 of my 3 daughters, inherited that gene. We did have cats when my girls were home so now I enjoy the freedom to go without having to think of the pet. I may change my mind later...

  7. We're keeping our son's huge puppy this weekend and she's broken me from wanting a puppy. She terrorizes our two little dogs and she's just wild! I'll never learn!!!

  8. Glad you had a positive experience with your ISP company and they were willing to look into the problem and try to see how to solve it. I had to laugh the last time I called our internet company. It is really imperative I have internet, LOL, since I work on it so I panic when we don't have it. I called the company to see what was up, it turned out we had to reset our router, something we have to periodically do which makes no sense, but when I was talking to them, the representative said "are you calling from the phone that is also part of the service we provide?" I said yes because it was our land line. He said "you'll have to call back on a different line before I can help you." I'm like "what?" He wanted me to call back on my cell phone and go through their phone tree messaging system again. No thank you :) I solved the problem myself with the help of hubby and when the customer service survey came out I politely told them I thought if a different phone had to be used they should have volunteered to call me back on that number rather than me have to start all over again :)

    It is always good to read dog books, except Marley and Me had me in tears for days, but it was a cute book. Honestly, I dread the day, but when something happens with Koda, we're taking a break from dogs. In fact he may be the last dog we have. I love him (them) but I want a bit of freedom, LOL, not always rushing home to let him out, etc. We crate him when we aren't home, we are never gone more than four hour stretches, less than that. Maybe we'll get a cat :)


  9. Enjoyed your random. Hope your issues does get fixed permanetly this time. Haven't heard of that movie you watched. Good for you doing all that reading. I need to break away and read! So what is a pork steak?


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