Monday, August 22, 2011

Miscellany Monday


Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters 

I haven’t done a Miscellany Monday in a long, long time … and I don’t know why since my life is the very definition of randomness.  ;-)


Another weekend has come to an end.  If only the week days would go by as quickly as the weekends, right?  And yes, even though I’m retired (ok, mostly retired), I still look forward to the weekends and hate to see them come to an end. 


Saturday was a lazy day here (haven’t had one of those since mid-May), I went to the slider to just look outside and saw this out on our deck. 


I have no idea what kind of lizard that is … I had no idea that little lizards like this even existed this far north. 


Yesterday I got a bit of quilting done.  I quilted in the afternoon while watching Steel Magnolias.  That’s a movie that I can watch again and again … and never fail to have tears in my eyes in certain parts or recite some of the memorable lines. 


DH seems to be coming down with some kind of respiratory bug … hoping he keeps that to himself! 


This morning I’ve got an Italian beef going in the crock pot.  I don’t know why I don’t use my crock pot more often.  I need to be more intentional with my meal planning; DD has found some kind of meal planning program that she likes … I’m going to have to ask her for more details. 


I read on another blog that some readers are concerned about the Feedjit app.  While IMHO there was nothing to be concerned about regarding privacy (the information I see is the same that any reader would see … the general location [by city] of the readers’ ISP), I can understand how some might be a little concerned and removed that from my blog.  I will say that it was interesting to see how many readers stopped by; my mind was completely boggled by some of the locations … places within an hour’s drive and places halfway around the globe.   


We have a hibiscus plant that we put out on our deck … they’re not hardy here, so we bring it inside over the winter.  This summer, other than a smattering of blooms in early June, that hibiscus hasn’t bloomed.   Finally we’re getting a second round of blooms.  I love seeing the color … and love that the blooms draw hummingbirds.  Granted, this bloom was a bit past its prime when I took the shot, but it still is beautiful.



It looks like Hurricane Irene might decide to visit the Outer Banks ahead of us, so I guess that means that I’ll be doing some research on an alternative destination for our trip next month.  I realize that it’s way too early to call off the visit to the OBX, but it won’t hurt to have an alternate in place … just in case. 


  1. touched on two of my favorite things today--the movie Steel Magnolias and Hibiscus. I love them both! I'm sad because my new yard is too shady for Hibiscus. I always had them growing when we lived next door. Beautiful flowers :) Happy Monday.

  2. I love my crock pot but hardly use it either. I make pot roast in it and that's about it.

  3. We have had TWO little geckos in our house in the past week!! They are so cute and fast (but I dont want them in my house!!). Hope your DH starts to feel better, best wishes!

  4. I need to start using my crock pot more often too. It would take away one of our excuses for eating out.

  5. Hey, in answer to your question about pear cobbler. I make it exactly like apple cobbler, and it tastes pretty similar.

  6. Hi there, Loved this post and hearing about your weekend. Being retired means we can be busier than when we worked full time. BTW, what is Italian Beef? I love hibiscus and we have some giant ones here that are as big as a dinner plate but I'm done planting for the year.
    Also, where is OBX? Probably Outer Banks but I am not sure.
    Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. I hadn't even heard of Irene, I wonder why my dad hasn't mentioned it to me. Your hibiscus is beautiful. How awesome that it survives in the house over winter.

  8. Maybe y'all could come to Charleston! This morning it looks as though Irene is heeding the raspberries being blown in her general direction and heading north of us...yet, still close enough to shore to give us tropical storm winds. Then again, if we're really lucky, she'll move out to sea and stay there!

  9. I hope hubby keeps his germs to himself as well. That flower is beautiful!!


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