Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Trivia


I cannot believe it’s August already.  The summer is 2/3 over!  How did this happen?  Now, mind you, I can’t say that, given how hot and dry it’s been, that I’m sorry that we’re getting closer to fall.  But maybe, given the wacky weather we’ve been having for the last 8-9 months, I should think twice before professing how I’m looking forward to fall.  ha!


I’ve got the next 3 days off work.  I like having a nice block of days off and try to schedule my work time accordingly, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way … I have to coordinate my schedule with a fellow retiree called back to work with me so that there’s at least one of us in the office most every day.  I suspect that today I’ll be getting a call to watch T#2 (who’s got strep and tonsillitis – poor thing) and T#4 while DD takes T#1 & T#3 to their swim lessons. 


DH goes to get his hearing aid checked today … it’s not been operating quite properly.  It’s designed to make a sound when it’s out of his ear (partially or fully) … and it’s been making that sound frequently even when he moves his head, etc.  It also seems like he’s not hearing quite as well with it as he used to.  Hopefully it’ll be just a minor adjustment.


T#3 turns 4 tomorrow.  I remember the night DD told me he was on the way … she shared the good news much earlier than she normally does because earlier that day my mom had passed.  I’m sure I was still somewhat in shock since her passing was so unexpected, but it still meant the world to me that DD wanted to give me some news of hope. 


37 years ago today was a day that will always be etched in my heart … it was the day that I lost my sweet Rose.  My biggest regret is that I never got to see her (they just did things so differently back in the day, and I was still very sick and very drugged up from the emergency c-section).  To this day, I don’t understand why God had to take her home, but He showed me such sweet mercy by bringing me my DD a year later.    



  1. I'm so sorry about Rose. Yes, they do things differently now, back then they felt it was easier to not see the baby but they were wrong.
    Enjoy your time with the little ones today and know that God is careing for Rose.

  2. Oh I am sorry to hear about Rose. I think they do everything different nowadays!

  3. So sorry to hear about baby Rose. I didn't have any idea that you'd lost a child. I can't imagine...

    God has his own plan, and while He took sweet Rose home, He sure seems to have sent you multiple blessings in the form of the T's!

    Enjoy your days off!!!

  4. So sorry Sweetie - I know today is hard for you. The other day I had an epiphany ~ I have those quiet often. I was laughing with one of my girls and it suddenly occurred to me that I would be spending eternity with her - for some reason that thought hadn't concreted itself in my mind. I don't know why - it's not like I don't think about going to Heaven, seeing my mom again, and my grandparents - but for some reason thinking that not only will I see the ones I love and already gone ~ I will also be spending eternity with my precious girls and everyone that is with me now.

    Rose is waiting for you and you WILL see her then.

  5. I am so sorry. Not the it is any easier today, it's not but I know that today woman can share their hearts. Years ago people just wanted you to move on and forget.
    You never forget. Today I know that these woman are comforted with the photos they take. NILMDTS is a wonderful organization. Sending you a big ((HUG)) and please know that I care.


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