Monday, November 21, 2011

The Weekend Wrap-up

Another weekend has come and gone.  Why is it that the weekends go by in a blur but any two week days go by sooo slowly?  ;-)

This weekend was a nice, quiet one … the lull before the storm.  ;-)

Friday I worked and spent the evening watching the Ts.  Mama and Daddy had a date night, and I got the opportunity to watch the Ts.  We made homemade pizza for dinner and watched Cars (T#3’s FAVORITE movie!).  I was pretty tired all day at work (we had a late night Thursday night with the hockey game) … I was afraid that I wouldn’t be up to watching the Ts, but God was gracious and gave me an extra measure of energy when I got off work at 4:30.  What a wonderful start to my weekend!

Saturday was movie and quilting day.  I watched the second half of Gone With the Wind (started it the weekend before), To Have and Have Not, and Casablanca while getting a good bit of quilting done.  Yes, my favorite movies are all the old ones … Humphrey Bogart and Bette Davis are my two favorite actors.  ;-) 

Sunday was another quiet day.  After church in the morning, I got some more quilting done while watching another couple of movies … Terms of Endearment (I’ve seen that movie several times, and I still cry Every.Single.Time) and Now Voyager.  I also bought my ticket to fly down to visit my dad (in January) while he winters on the Gulf Coast of Alabama.  Yes, I hate, hate, hate flying, but given the fact that it’ll be a short trip and that I’ll be going by myself (my dad is renting a smaller condo this winter, and my sister will also be flying in), I decided to bite the bullet and fly down. 

This week is going to be a crazy busy one (the storm that the weekend lull preceded).  I work today, watch the Ts tomorrow and Wednesday, as well as do as much prep work for Thanksgiving as I can with DD Wednesday evening.  Somewhere in there I need to do some more shopping for Thanksgiving (DD and I will work together to prepare a meal for a gal from church who’s undergoing chemo treatments and isn’t able to make her own Thanksgiving meal … I can't take credit for that - it was DD’s idea, but I’m blessed enough to get to help), and I’ll need to get the house tidied up and bed linens changed in anticipation of my sister’s stay (right now I don’t know for sure when she’ll be arriving, so I’m going to need to get to work on tidying up sooner rather than later).  And of course there’s Thanksgiving (side rant:  am I the only one who’s “bugged” by the use of the term Turkey Day when referring to Thanksgiving?). 


  1. Gone with the Wind is one of my favorites. Hope your week goes smoothly.

  2. So nice of you and your husband to make dinner for someone undergoing chemo. :) Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

    Kimberly's Korner

  3. Gone with the Wind is on tv this girls and I have a plan to get the boys to watch it with us : )

    What a thoughtful thing to do for someone (the dinner), I'm sure in blessing them you'll be blessed!

  4. Hi there, Your getting ready for guests sounds just like me, the sheets are ironed, towels washed and folded, room dusted, snack & mag's put out in their room. Loved that you spent the weekend sewing. The pattern of the quilt I just made is called Bermuda Sunrise by Frog Hollow designs. I think different fabric really changes the look; I was going for a "autumn" look but I also saw it in pastels and it was so pretty and I think it would work with Christmas fabrics too.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!!!!
    Thanking Him for you...Noreen

  5. Sounds like a good weekend. I just love watching movies and Terms of Endearment is a great one even with the tears.

  6. It sounds like you are on the same schedule of storms as we are, Wed or Thurs.
    It sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    Have a wonderful week this week.

  7. Yes, I don't like Turkey Day. It is Thanksgiving. A day of thsnks! That is so sweet of your daughter to think about that lady/her family and make their Thanksgiving meal! I know she/family will deeply appreciate it! What a blessing you both are!

    I'm with you about flying, but flying to see your dad is definitely a good thing to do!!

    Onward to Thanksgiving!! Have a good one if you don't post between now and then.


  8. Weekends are for football at our house. Well, for 1/2 of the 2 of us. I read. But, I did watch a couple of old movies too. "Up Close and Personal" and "Night in Rodanthe". I need a comedy now.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too.


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