Monday, November 28, 2011

The Weekend Wrap-up



Time for the weekly Weekend Wrap-up, although I’m not sure just what there is to wrap up this weekend.  I had absolutely nothing planned this weekend … and that’s pretty much how the weekend turned out.  And I’m not complaining one bit.  Winking smile  So forgive me for a boring post.


I spent Friday getting caught up on little things around the house … it’d been a month since I’d entered any checks or debit card receipts into Quicken, and I did the 10/31 reconciliations.  Surprised smile  Thankfully I didn’t have to do much housecleaning as I’d done a pretty thorough cleaning in anticipation of my sister’s visit (she elected not to come down and get exposed to the virus that the Ts were sharing).  I did contemplate putting up the Christmas decorations, but with the Ts here Thursday and Friday, I thought I’d wait so they’d have more room for playing.  After I finished getting caught up, I was able to spend the rest of the day quilting. 


Saturday morning, I had just about talked myself into going ahead on the Christmas decorations when it started to rain … not the kind of weather suitable for traipsing around the tree lot looking for the perfect tree.  I did help DH bring DD’s artificial tree up from the basement (where it was being stored) for delivery on Sunday … and that was about the extent of any work I did on Saturday.  I spent a good bit of time quilting.


Sunday was the “busiest” day of the weekend.  After DH got home from church (I had a headache and stayed home), we delivered DD’s Christmas tree … just in time to be invited for lunch.  The rest of the day … spent quilting.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel on T#4’s “big girl quilt”.  I had hoped to have it finished by Christmas, and it appears that I’m going to meet my goal!  My next quilting project will be a quilt for us – finally. I’ve been quilting for almost 30 years and haven’t kept a single quilt I’ve made … all have been gifts.


This is going to be a very busy week here … I work today and Wednesday (my last day!  HOOORAY!!) and watch the Ts the other 3 days (HOOORAY!!).  And if this week weren’t already full of things to rejoice about, there’s a chance of some snow this week … granted, it’s not going to amount to anything … just a little snow mixed in with the rain.  But still … SNOW!  


  1. Funny you have never kept a quilt for yourself! I hope you have a good week. 60's today here!

    Kimberlys Korner

  2. I bet you're really looking forward to your last day of work!

  3. Good morning! Your last day of work!! YAY!! How fun to be making a quilt for yourself...I kind of do that too. Seems like most of my projects get given away...Have a good day!

  4. Wow, that's a lot of quilts to gibe away. I know they are loved, but you need one to curl up in too. I can totally understand how you would do that. Of all the paintings I have done, I only kept 2. Both were magnolias. I have given away or bartered the others.

  5. I don't know about where you are, but Sunday would've been the perfect day to spend quilting...or knitting. Oh, if only I knew how! I opted for a nap instead!

  6. I like your new blog look, very festive for Christmas and winter!

    Sounds like a good weekend (except for the headache) but glad to hear that you will meet your goal to get the quilt done in time.

    How cute that you will finally get "around" to making a quilt for you and hubby! I'm sure it will come out great!!

    Yea that the end is so close for your finishing up work!! How exciting!


  7. You sound like me...I gave away or sold almost everything I ever made.

    I hope you have a great week!

  8. That sounds like a wonderful weekend to me. So glad you're going to be able to finish the quilt in time and it sounds to me like it's about time you made a quilt for yourself. ;)

    Have a great day.

  9. So today was your last day of work!! Welcome to retirement - again. I'm looking forwarded to retiring some day, but not any time soon.

  10. Kathy, thanks for letting me know about my pictures- they are showing up for me- but sometimes I have trouble with blogger and my pictures- something to do with storage?

  11. I am late in visiting. I finally have a day to read some posts. You have been very busy and hooray for your last day of work! Enjoy.


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