Saturday, December 3, 2011

Catching up

All week long, I was planning – in my head – all kinds of witty and entertaining stuff to share after my “hiatus” from blogging.  It would be the best post ever.  Now that I sit down to post … I get nothing.  Big fat zilch.  So I’ll just do a wrap-up of the week that kept me too busy to blog.  Winking smile

Wednesday was my last day of work … now I’m officially re-retired!  Thumbs up  My co-workers had a “snack day” in my honor … yummy!  I enjoyed the opportunity to go back to work … I enjoyed reconnecting with my former co-workers and making some new friends with those hired after I retired 3 years ago … I enjoyed the work and being able to set my own hours … and adding to our retirement nest egg in this uncertain economy was a huge blessing.  But I’m really glad that I’m done.  I’m so looking forward to being able to help out DD without worrying about trying to schedule work around it … being able to do more quilting and reading and working out in the yard … being able to get out on the bike trails whenever the weather’s nice … being able to do what I’d like whenever I’d like to.  Winking smile

As soon as I finished up at work Wednesday, we ran over to DD’s to pick up the Ts.  It was wonderful to have a nice big block of time with them.  Our time together also included swim lessons for the 3 oldest and some school time (thankfully DD sent their workbooks so Nana didn’t have to actually teach any lessons -  ha!) ... and plenty of cuddling and playing.  And T#2 and I got to have a nice block of time in the sewing room.  She wanted to make what we call a blankie (some yardage of flannel or fleece that we turn under the edges – easy peasy).  I had visions of piecing together a small quilt top (just some squares sewn together) for her first project, but she wanted to make a blankie for her mama … and in hindsight, that was probably the best first project for a 7 year old.  Winking smile  It was a little hands-on for Nana, too as T#2 had trouble sewing straight … but she did all the sewing herself  (and I didn’t once get impatient at how slowly she was going or how wobbly her seams were – I surprised myself ha!).  She was so proud of her completed project. Red heart
It was a bittersweet moment when we took them back home last night.  While I know how much they missed their mama and daddy and while I was glad that mama was feeling better, it’s just not the same here without the Ts.  Sad smile

We normally decorate for Christmas on the weekend after Thanksgiving, but with the Ts here the last couple of days, we thought we’d wait … leave more open space in the living room for playing.  I had planned that we’d go get our tree today, now that the Ts are back home … but I think we’re going to wait until Monday.  Shopping on the weekends leading up to Christmas is just crazy … we decided not to risk having to fight the crowds to buy a tree.  And it’ll be nice to have a quiet weekend to rest up from a busy week. 


  1. I have been re-retired three times, sort of have just given up on the idea, now work on a consulting basis. But it keeps my mind active. I love having the grands. They bring so much joy, and I love the way that they see things.

  2. that is a darling picture of your lttle miss sewing. Such wonderful memories you are making with her.

  3. HI there, So glad you are now back at home full time. I admire your sewing project with T#2, my girls are still a bit too young for me to takle this but they want to just the same.
    Have a fun and wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. I am glad your DD is feeling a bit better; I am sure the T's are happy to be home, though I know you treasured your time with them! I so agree with you; if you can avoid the shops on the weekend, it is good to go early in the week to get your tree! I'm sure it will be fun to decorate it, knowing you don't have any other schedule other than the schedule you choose to make for it with NO WORK!! Yea!!!!!


  5. It's nice to see you back and I'm glad you had fun with the T's...sewing with a granddaughter is special : ) She will remember that always.

    Enjoy a restful Sunday...I'm with you on the holiday crowds!

  6. What a blessing retirement and spending time with your granddaughter at the sewing machine!

  7. It all sounds perfect! Hope your get a great tree tomorrow.

  8. I am sooo jealous! How great is it that you'll have the time to enjoy yourself and those grandbabies? :D


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