Monday, December 26, 2011

The Weekend Wrap-up

It’s Monday, and time for The Weekend Wrap-up.  This past weekend wasn’t your typical weekend, but it still deserves a Wrap-up.  Winking smile

Our weekend got off to a great start … with our annual cookie-baking day.  One of my most favorite Christmas traditions is baking Christmas cookies with DD.  This year since DD is still sloooooowly recovering from her surgery, we decided to scale back from our usual 10-12 different kinds of cookies.  We picked 6 dozen of our favorites and doubled up some of them … and we had plenty of cookies for us and for sharing.  Good thing we decided to scale back as we were both ready to be done by the time we finished up. 

Christmas Eve was our day with DD and family.  What fun we had … opening presents, playing with the new toys, preparing a meal.  Unfortunately the fantastic day was not without a downside … T#1 and T#2 started to complain of not feeling well by late afternoon.

We took down our tree when we got home from church on Christmas.  Aside from taking down the tree (we love having a real tree, and even though the needles were still pliable, I was ready to reclaim my living room), our Christmas Day was a pretty lazy one.  After a busy (but GOOD) week, it was nice to just take it easy.

Today will more than likely be a fairly quiet day at Chez Nana.  We’ve got a new puzzle to start, a movie (The Help) to watch, and a quilt top to get back to work on. 


  1. Oh, things are anything but quiet around here but they were very quiet all weekend. Now, the action starts. It's a rainy, dreary day here but we're hopeful for the sun to shine soon as Hubby got our Grans an electric Jeep and it's an outside toy and he's about to pop to let them play with it. Blessings for a great end to this year.

  2. I was almost envious that you already took your tree down. Our house has been full since the weekend before Christmas and it still is! I don't see getting to the 'undecorating' until after the first and I am not looking forward to it!

    I'm trying to catch up a bit today so I'm off to read more of your posts that I have missed!

  3. Greetings Kathy, Sounds like a wonderful weekend filled with fun and love of family; hoping that your grands didn't get a flu bug. I understand taking the tree down but ours will stay up for this week and be taken down next Sat. I caught a cold from the grands and tonight we open all our presents with the family, so I'm planning a relaxed day too. Enjoy your afternoon.
    Love, Noreen

  4. LOVE that movie! I haven't gotten it yet; need to do that!
    Sounds like a good weekend!

  5. Sounds like a lovely Christmas. (hope the kids are feeling okay) I can't believe you have your tree down. I understand the needles thing, we did that for years before we got the artifical trees. Mine will be up til mid January! I work to hard on Christmas not to enjoy the beauty in our home longer. I never appreciate it when I am running around with my head cut off doing the crazy Christmas stuff.

  6. Havent seen the movie, but it sounds great. WOW your tree is down already? Our little ones were suppose to come down today but we were too lazy so they are still up. Sounds like a great weekend and lots of fun.


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