Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge


Once again Wednesday has rolled around … bringing with it the Wednesday Hodgepodge!  Who knew that 8 questions could be so much fun!!  If you want to join in the fun, just click on the button above.


1. Will you be hosting any house guests between now and the end of December? Does that thought make you happy or crazy? Do you do anything special for your guests to make them feel at home? How long should a house guest stay?

We’re not expecting any house guests in December.  We don’t often have house guests … our last house guests were here back in July, and we had a wonderful time. 


2. Walter Elias Disney was born this week (December 5) back in 1905 ...what's your all time favorite Disney movie? Here's a list in case you're struggling...and yes, you have to pick one.

Wow, there were more movies than I would have guessed.  I guess I had immediately thought only of all the Disney animated movies.  Yes, I’m having a hard time picking one.  I guess I’ll have to go with Cars.  Not only is it the. favorite. movie of T#3, but it’s such a cute movie … one that appeals to the adults as well as obviously to the kids.


3. What was the last thing you purchased that you realized was a mistake after the fact?

The jigsaw puzzle I bought a month ago.  We’d just worked a puzzle that had a ton of sky that I thought we’d never get put together … taking every. single. blue piece and trying to see if it will fit is so tedious.  I thought I’d buy a puzzle that I thought would have enough variation/uniqueness to make it challenging yet interesting.  This puzzle was way more difficult than anything with a ton of blue sky … turns out that all the white and yellow dog pieces looked exactly the same as did the brown and black dog pieces.  Ugh!


4. What percentage of your Christmas shopping is done online?

This year, I suspect that I’ll do roughly 25% of my Christmas shopping online.  DD has done a lot of my shopping for the Ts … when she was out (pre-surgery) doing her own Christmas shopping, she’d pick up some gifts for me to give to the Ts.  If I had to do all my shopping myself, I guarantee you that it would likely all or very nearly all be done online!  Winking smile


5. Amaryllis-snowdrop-poinsettia...your favorite winter blossom?

I love the amaryllis, although nothing says Christmas (and thus winter) than a poinsettia.  I am also a fan of the Christmas cactus.


6. What is one thing on your personal Christmas wish list? I think we all want peace on earth so let's make this answer an actual item.

Another piece of my cookware.  I have an 8 qt. stockpot and a couple of 3,2 qt. sauce pans, but now that I’m re-retired, I’m back in the kitchen … and have discovered that all too often, I need another pan bigger than a 3.2 qt. but maybe not quite as big as an 8 qt.   


7. If you could only use one word today what would it be?

Tired.  I went to bed at the usual time, tired but not overly so.  At 3:45 (the last time I checked the clock), I hadn’t fallen asleep.  Surprised smile  I was up at 7:15 (hence the late posting this morning), and I’m here to tell you that 3-3 1/2 hours of sleep is just not going to cut it.  I’ve got a 12:15 dental appointment, and I’m thinking that a post-dental nap is sounding pretty good. 


8. Insert your own random thought here.

After I posted yesterday, it started snowing – REAL snow with big beautiful flakes!  When I got up this morning, we had more snow!  Just enough to accumulate on the rooftops, on our deck, on bare spots in the yard.    Yes, I am doing the happy dance (and the thankful dance that I’m done working so I could be home to enjoy the snow).


  1. I like looking at snow through a window while I sit in front of a fireplace with a crackling fire, and maybe a cup of coffee of cocoa. The only problem to do this I have to drive 100 miles, half of it through snow to get to my daughters house. So I'll just be content to see others pictures. I need a more complete set of cookware--I too, never have the right size.

  2. How neat with the snowfall of yesterday! Hoping you get a bit more over the month so there is snow on the ground come Christmas Day! I like Cars too; my favorite Disney movie is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves :)

    I agree with you, an afternoon nap is a very good idea!


  3. I had a dental appt. yesterday and came out with bad news - 2 crowns to be done in January. Thank heavens for dental insurance!

  4. If you ask for nitrous, you could nap through your dental appointment, no? :-)

  5. I wish I'd included the Christmas Cactus on my list...that is one of my favorties too. The dentist-ugh. : )

  6. I like Cars and Cars 2...both are really cute movies. Hope you get to have your afternoon nap.

  7. I love cars. It was a hard question because I love all of them. That looks like a hard puzzle for sure! I am in agreeance with your word, I am tired today. Hooray for your snow!

  8. Hard to decide on one movie, right?
    I hope you were able to take a nap today.

  9. I am late responding but thanks for visiting me!
    I hope you got some rest and that you are not so tired anymore. That jigsaw puzzle looked overwhelming! And I see four of my friends left comments! Love, sandie

  10. I love Christmas cactus, too. Hope you got that afternoon nap:)

    Cars is among my top ten favorite Disney movies. I haven't seen Cars 2 yet.

    Snow...that sounds so "Christmas-y"

  11. That puzzle looks really hard!
    We had snow/rain this afternoon, but nothing stuck.

  12. Ok I am going to try this again google is making me mad by saying I can ot make comment. Anyhow I love your background. I aplaud you for the puzzles too not my thing

  13. Oh gosh, I was going to comment on everything until I read the SNOW part and now I'm just flat out jealous. LOL


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