Monday, December 5, 2011


No Christmas tree up yet.  We’d hoped to get it up Saturday, but DD was having a rough time Saturday, so we opted to hold off on getting a tree in case we needed to lend a hand.  We’d  hoped to get it up Sunday, but it was an ugly day … rainy, cold, overcast.  We’re now hoping to get it up today.  Winking smile  And I did get most of the rest of the Christmas decorations up over the weekend … including our Christmas village and our nativity set.


No snow this weekend … and the forecast that included snow for tonight and tomorrow has pretty much fizzled out, too.  Sad smile


No finish to T#4’s big girl quilt.  Ok, that was pretty much a pipe dream … but it could have been possible.  I’m almost done with the hand quilting … I hope to be able to finish up the hand quilting today … I’ve got the binding already cut, so getting the binding on shouldn’t take too long.  I’d hoped to have the quilt done by Christmas, and I should make that with plenty of time to spare.  Winking smile


No Christmas music being played.  Our cable service includes music stations, and I thought I’d found a good station for Christmas music – traditional Christmas songs.  But it didn’t take long before I realized that it wasn’t what I was looking for … I’m not interested in any station that plays Santa Baby (no matter who sings it).  The radio station that I normally listen to is playing some Christmas music – sprinkled in with their regular music.  While that’s the music I normally listen to, I’m really in the mood for just Christmas music.  Sad smile


No more going to work!  This is most definitely a good “no”.  I was so excited about not having to set the alarm clock that I forgot to set it for Sunday morning … thankfully I woke up about 20 minutes after the time it would have gone off, so I still had enough time to get ready for church.  Embarrassed smile 


  1. No work a good no. At least when you get the other things to yeses, you will especially enjoy them. Trying to figure out if no snow is a good thing or a bad thing. Have a good week.

  2. No work! Oh how nice that must be - not sure if I'll ever get to that point!

  3. Check out Pandora. I listen to it all the time at work, and it's free!

  4. You'll get that tree up soon, I'm sure of it! I still have one left to decorate--my coca cola tree in the pool room. Perhaps tomorrow...

    I finished my Christmas shopping today. Yay!


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