Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

After a week of feeling as if we were stuck in the Pacific Northwest, we finally had sunny skies over the weekend ... but there's more rain and cloudiness forecast for the next 3-4 days. <sigh> 

DH and I visited the quilt show at St. Louis University’s Art Museum Friday morning.  I’ve confirmed that my very most favorite quilt pattern is the log cabin … not that there was really any doubt, since it and the 9-patch are the two patterns that I’ve used most in all my quiltmaking.  It was interesting to see some new and unusual settings for the log cabin quilt.
Quilt Show 6Quilt Show 3Quilt Show 5

And there were some non-log cabin quilts that I loved, too.
Quilt Show 4Quilt Show 7Quilt Show 2
(Forgive the less-than-stellar quality of these shots … I used my iPhone camera.  If you click on the pictures, they should open larger.)

We got a phone call on the way to the Museum … the battery in DD’s van died.  After we finished up at the Museum, we returned home to run our van to DD (their second car is a small one … no way that 4 kiddos would fit in the back seat, especially not with a couple of car seats). 

I got to spend the afternoon with DD and the Ts.  I managed to pick up a gift at Target (we had to be a little sneaky, since that gift was for T#2).  I had planned to pick up the last gift I needed (for T#3), but the item was $37 at Target and $28 on, so I ordered that last gift as soon as I got home Friday afternoon.  I’m so thankful for Amazon Prime’s 2-day free shipping … the gift should be here Tuesday, in plenty of time.  All my other gifts have been boxed and wrapped.  It’s amazing how much better the tree looks with presents underneath.  Winking smile

After a busy Friday, we had nothing planned for Saturday.  DH is the chief cook and bottle washer for the men’s prayer breakfast at church, so I had the morning to myself.  It was kind of nice to just take my time getting going that morning.  I did accomplish a couple of things, including finally getting my hand-me-down iPhone configured to receive/send email from my primary email account.  I spent most of the rest of the day piecing the quilt top; I’m about 1/3 of the way done piecing the strips into blocks. 
I have 10 of these blocks done (they’ll finish to 10” square) … I need to do 11 more.  

I have 20 more of these blocks to cut (they also finish to 10” square) … then I can complete the top and get to my favorite part: hand quilting.

I’m thinking that, in hindsight, I would have preferred a little more contrast between the light fabrics and the dark fabrics … especially on the blocks made up of the 2” squares, but we’ll see how it looks when the blocks are put together and the top is finished.

Our Sunday got off to a typical start with Sunday School and worship.  Otherwise our day was anything but typical … it was our 24th wedding anniversary.  We had an early dinner and went to the hockey game (Blues vs Columbus Blue Jackets); the Blues frequently play on the 18th, so we usually celebrate our anniversary with dinner out and a hockey game.  That may not be a stereotypically romantic way to celebrate an anniversary, but it works for us.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been 24 years since we exchanged our vows … time flies when we’re having fun.  But seriously, 24 years ago God sent me the best Christmas gift ever … I thank God every day for bringing him to me. 

Got a busy, busy week ahead of me … but it’s going to be a good week, because it’s leading right up to Christmas. Red heart


  1. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more happy years together, too!

    I love all those quilts!

  2. Good morning! I am loving your quilt. Soo pretty. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing. Happy anniversary!! Sounds like a good night to me...Have a good week! HUGS

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!!! I hope it was a happy day. :))
    Amazon has some great prices. I always find things cheaper there.

    Have a good week!

    Kimberlys Korner

  4. Happy Anniversary! As long as you both enjoy it, whatever you do is the right way to celebrate.

  5. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a busy weekend for you. The quilts are so pretty. What you are working on is also very pretty.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad that you found my blog so I found you! I'm enjoying your posts and am now a follower! ~Jeanne of "Loving Retirement"


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