Saturday, May 5, 2012

Road Trip

I mentioned that we were going to try to get over to Savannah to see the tall ships.  I wasn’t sure if we’d go … for the last 2-3 trips to Hilton Head, we’ve planned a day trip to Charleston, but once we get on the island, we just can’t seem to pull ourselves away from the beach.  Winking smile  But after breakfast yesterday, we decided that we’d go to Savannah – after all, the tall ships are only there for a few days. 

Getting to Savannah from Hilton Head means crossing the Talmadge Memorial Bridge.  This picture, taken from a good ways from the bridge, doesn’t do justice to how huge this bridge is.
I am afraid of heights, so crossing this bridge is no small feat.  Winking smile  But it was worth it to get over to Savannah and see the tall ships.

We were able to board the Dewaruci, a ship from Indonesia. 

I don’t know much about these beautiful ships, but I was very surprised by the beautiful carvings on board.

After we finished up at the riverfront, we visited a little bit of Savannah. 

There’s rain in the forecast.  The Lowcountry desperately needs the rain, so I can’t complain too much.  Thankfully the rain isn’t supposed to move in until later this afternoon, so we should be able to get plenty of beach time today.  I am hoping, however, for a break in the rain later this evening … I’d love to get a picture of the super moon rising out on the ocean. 


  1. Hope you got your moonshot! The tall ships are amazing!

  2. Wow...those are some beautiful ships. It looks like you are enjoying some beautiful sights.

  3. WOW....those ships are awesome. I have a feeling they were even more so in person. Such pretty pics! Glad your having fun!

  4. I want to go to Savannah one day. Looks beautiful.


  5. Hi, I loved seeing the tall ships-so did hubby because he loves all things "sailing". I well remember that bridge when we were going to H.H. I didn't remember that Charlotte was just a day trip from the island. Next spring/summer we are supposed to meet our good friends and stay in Charlotte for 4-5 days, but I definitely think we may need to do the day trip.
    I'm a bit jealous that you will be on the beach-oh how I love doing that. Hunter settled in well, I ended up on a couch with him all night because he was restless in our room. I've got to talk hubby into a crate(he doesn't want to use one). Thanks for all your prayers my friend.
    Love, Noreen

  6. Oh, what a wonderful day! I love the low-country, too. Enjoy! ~Jeanne

  7. Sounds like a wonderful vacation.. I have always wanted to see Savannah, thanks for sharing your photos! Have fun on the beach. :)

  8. Oh my, those ships are gorgeous. So glad you made it over the bridge to see them. Enjoy the beach!

  9. That is so cool. I love those pictures and I never knew about them or even heard about them. I bet you learned so much.
    I am afraid of heights, just looking at your pictures made me feel weird.
    Have fun!

  10. Oh, beautiful! I don't know if I could go over that bridge or not!!! I'm awfully frightened of heights! I want to see the super moon too!

  11. So glad you guys went and saw the tall ships! They are definitely worth seeing! I'm with you and heights; so WTG that you conquered your fears and went for it! Hope you got to see the moon! We had clouds here, so didn't get to see much if anyhing of it; sounds like a great trip so far!


  12. Such a beautiful city. We went several years ago, but our trip got interrupted fairly early, so we didn't get to see much. I hope to go back someday.

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