Monday, September 24, 2012

The Weekend Wrap-up



Seems like just yesterday was Friday, the start of another weekend … and now it’s over.  Time really does fly.  Winking smile


This past weekend was a quiet one here at Chez Nana … purposely so because we’re still getting settled back into our routines here.  I did a decent amount of quilting on my wall quilt … I’m maybe a little more than halfway done … it’s amazingly slow going.  Given the fact that it’s only 42”x42”, I thought it would quilt up more quickly than it is … but there are 400 half-square triangle blocks to be quilted, so I guess it’s not too surprising that it’s going more slowly than I anticipated.  But what I do have quilted so far is looking pretty good.


I attended a Pampered Chef Party Saturday afternoon, hosted by a neighbor.  She lives about a block away, so I don’t know her as well as I’d like (she’s still working full time, so I don’t see a lot of her).  I ordered a manual food processer (I have a larger electric one, but it’s so big and unwieldy that I just never use it). I also got a delicious recipe for chicken salad (i.e., a salad with chicken) … I think maybe we’ll have that for dinner this evening. 


I finally got the laundry from our trip all caught up.  I have to confess that it took longer than usual because I’d start a load in the morning, get busy with other stuff and not remember to put that load into the dryer until late in the day … takes a long time to get caught up on laundry when you’re only doing one load a day.  ha!


Our weather has confirmed that fall has officially arrived.  We had lows in the lower 40’s (39 Sunday night), and while that’s been a little chillier than I’d like (it’s chilly in the house in the mornings, but I refuse to turn on the furnace just yet so I bundle up), the highs have gotten into the upper 60’s, so the days have been nice.



  1. I am totally loving this weather! Although, I understand we're supposed to have rain the rest of the week.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your quilts.

  2. Your right time whips by...The manual processor looks good...I would never use something that is big and heavy either so I will be curious to know how this works out for you. Wow what I wouldn't for some of those temps. STILL hot here...sigh. Have a good week!

  3. I'm guilty of doing the same thing regarding laundry. Sometimes it'll sit in the washer until almost bedtime :(

  4. ...those low temps aren't even close to our early winter lows...I don't think I could handle that cold. LOL

  5. It is chicken with mayo salad? Would love the recipe. Glad you are back.

  6. It sounds so wonderful, to be cold. :) Let me know how your food processor works. It looks interesting.
    I suppose when it is just me and my husband here I might forget but I am still doing so much laundry each day that it would really make my day long. I only skip Wednesdays. I do laundry every other day.
    I hope you have a very nice week.

  7. Sounds like a good weekend. I finally got my laundry done but Mark will be home on Friday with his two weeks of clothes!! Glad you got to work on your quilt. I hope you enjoy your new Pampered Chef toy. Debby

  8. I refuse to turn the heat on here just yet. I need one month without heat or air conditioning. It was cold this morning so I hope I can hold out : )

  9. Ha! I do the same thing with the laundry! I started some early this morning and I still have a load left to do and of course the Superhero takes his work clothes off and there's a whole new batch! :)

    I'd like to know how that manual food processor works, looks interesting!

    I just walked out with the dogs and it felt really cool, but it's still 76 here.

  10. Wow, your temps are a whole lot cooler than ours. But, we're getting there. Yea!

    Glad you got that laundry done.

    We're off tomorrow afternoon headed towards Dodge City. Sure wish I could snap my fingers and be there. :o)

    Happy week!

  11. I'd do the same with the heater when we lived in Montana; try to hold out putting it on as long as possible. Sounds like it was a nice relaxing weekend; glad you got the laundry done too, no matter how long it took :)



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