Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Fragments


Mommy's Idea


After 16 days without my grands, I got a good “fix” this past week … they came over Saturday for the afternoon, we had lunch with them after church on Sunday, and I spent most of Monday and a good part of Tuesday at their house.  Red heart



Whatever I’ve got is still here … it’s not enough to put me completely out of commission, but it’s enough to take me down a notch or two. 



I have managed to get a little quilting done … but not as much as I’d like (see above).



Speaking of quilting, I’ve been “commissioned” to make a quilt for DD’s bedroom makeover.  I hope to be able to do some fabric shopping next week so I can get started when I finished my current project.



We got some snow yesterday afternoon … it was really coming down there for a while.  Unfortunately, it didn’t last long enough to provide any real accumulation.  I’m still waiting for a “real snow” … maybe tomorrow – there is snow in our forecast.  In the meantime, we’re dealing with some very cold temperatures.  The wind chill was –8 when I got up this morning – but at least the sun is shining. 



We booked our lodging for our Florida trip in May.  We’ve booked a house >5 minutes from Disney for 8 nights, and we’ve booked a beachfront condo in Madeira Beach for 4 nights.  With sub-zero wind chills today, I’m wishing we were in Florida RIGHT. NOW.  Winking smile



  1. oh it will be nice to head to Florida for some warmer temperatures. I just want to feel the SUN!!!

    Hoping you have a nice weekend!

  2. Florida does sound pretty awesome about now!!!!

    Glad whatever you've got isnt taking you down full force.

  3. Good morning! Nothing like a good grandkid fix...hope you feel 100% soon! Sounds pretty cold to me, we hit 80 yesterday! A Florida trip sounds just wonderful too! How exciting. Looking forward to seeing the quilt you make for your daughter. Enjoy your week-end!

  4. I am glad you had fun with the grands.

    It is bitter cold here too this morning.

  5. It sure would be nice to be in Florida right now! I'm glad you got to see your grandkids and I hope you feel better soon.

  6. will the grandkids be involved in the FL trip? I would rather spend more days on the beach than near Mickey's place.

  7. Glad you got some time with the grandkids.

    Your trip to Florida is going to be so awesome! I'm working hard not to be jealous. :)

    Hope you feel completely well soon.

  8. Sounds like you're keeping pretty busy in spite of it all, and what a nice vacation to have as a carrot dangling there in front of you!

  9. Stay warm - sure hope you start feeling better soon! ~Jeanne

  10. Still not feeling 100%, huh? So sorry to hear it, Kathy! Just rest easy this weekend and maybe you'll feel better come Monday. Fingers crossed! Ahh...Florida does sound mighty fine about now...being that it's in the upper 30's here today.

  11. Sh, glad you got to spend time with the grands! I am missing mine badly.

    Glad you're feeling better and hope you are 100% soon and get lots of quilting done.

    North Florida is pretty cold right now, but it will probably be warm where you're going! Yay!

  12. I saw a commercial last night, don't remember what it was for, not even sure if it was a "local yokel" or network one - - - but it started out with blowing snow (that looked an awful lot like it was taken around here on Wednesday) and a soul trudging across the street.

    The overvoice said "just think, it's probably 80 degrees in Florida right now!"

    I yelled at the TV - - - yah, and I wouldn't trade this for ALL the 80 degrees of Florida!

    When about that time the commercial overvoice went on with: "And we wouldn't want to go there and miss all this!"

    Wow, I thought - - - someone else feels the same way as I do about winter and they even made a commercial about it!

  13. Well, hopefully you are on the mend and will be over this mess soon.

    Oh, those Grans can make everything better.

    How cool that you can help with DD bedroom makeover.

    Don't you just love having trip plans and having something to look forward to.

    Happy weekend!

  14. Ok, I know that I ask for cold weather and snow EVERY SINGLE WINTER. But NOT sub-zero! Wow, I can't even imagine that! I would probably be looking forward to Florida too- and I hate Florida. LOL

  15. Hi there, I think we should be hanging out together-sounds like you are feeling better than I am. I was fine yesterday but last night it came on with a vengeance and hasn't left. Feel like I've left the faucet(my nose)on. I took a long nap today and hope to just kick back this weekend.
    Hope you have a great weekend and feel better.
    Hugs, Noreen

  16. As fast as the time seems to go these days; it will be May before you know it! Sounds like a great spot to rent a house at too so close to Disney!


  17. Hope you're feeling better this morning.

  18. I'm with you girlfriend - Florida would be very nice right about now :*D

  19. Glad you got your fix! It seems that colds, etc. are just hanging around forever this year. Feel better soon. Burr -8!!!! Your trip in May sounds perfect.

  20. Hope you feel better soon! Another trip to Fla.? You will be passing my way again!

  21. I totally get the dream of warmer weather. But I still love our snow :-) I hope you guys found a great deal!!


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