Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fragments


Mommy's Idea


The week is winding down and the weekend is rapidly approaching, … and that means it’s time for some Fragments.


I spent ALL DAY in the sewing room yesterday, working on the borders for T#2’s quilt.  I’m adding 3 borders, the outer one of which is from a striped fabric.  I’ve never sewn with striped fabric, and let me say that what an adventure!  Because I’m going to miter the corners of the borders (something else I’ve never done before – I must really be crazy, huh?), my instructions recommended that I sew all the borders together and add them, as a single border, to the quilt.  After I sewed on the last striped strip, I thought to check to ensure that the stripes on 3 of the 4 border sets are a little wonky … and I had to rip them apart and re-sew them.  Confused smile  Today I hope to get the borders sewn on so I can make my quilt “sandwich” and maybe even get in some hand quilting.



Because I was still working in there after dinner, I thought I’d turn on my favorite movie of all time Gone With the Wind … only to discover that TCM no longer airs in analog – it is now being aired in digital format.  Now, I don’t know exactly what that means except that our old dinosaur TV in the sewing room (and not hooked up to a cable box) can only receive/display analog programming.  I popped in a DVD of Now Voyager so we still had our movie night. 



Am I the only one who had to look up the difference between a meteoroid and asteroid or wondering if there’s any connection between the meteoroid that crashed into Russia and the asteroid that’s going to be coming incredibly close to earth today?



Although it’s going to be cold here, at least the sun is shining.  And speaking of weather (yes, I know I’m a weather geek), we’ve gotten enough rain (no snow Sad smile) this winter to relieve the extreme drought conditions we were in.  I’m praying that this summer won’t be another hot, dry one so we won’t find ourselves back in an extreme drought … and that the rest of the country will get some relief from this widespread drought.



Tomorrow T#1 turns 11 – HOW did that happen?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that we sat in the waiting room at the Women’s Pavilion at the hospital and waited and waited and waited? 




  1. Happy Birthday to the 11 year old!

    Hope you get to do the hand quilting soon. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  2. ahhh - I'm sure 11 years has flown by... I know my 41 years on the earth sure has flown :)

    I said the same thing... asteroid - meteor - all scary to me!!!

    Soak up some Vitamin D in those suns rays if you can. Its gloomy here today & I just slug along without the sunshine.

  3. I love a good productive day in the sewing room too. (not that I have an actual room for it anymore, haha) I am going to have a few of those coming up as I have 2 new grandbabies coming! My youngest son's wife is expecting also. They find out the sex today and I am soo anxious to hear! I am afraid of another long, hot, dry spring and summer here too. Everything is already in bloom. Enjoy your week-end, and happy birthday to your grandson ~ time certainly does fly!

  4. Since I never have a productive day in the sewing room......I don't even have a sewing doesn't take any of my time! I am envious of all you talented quilters and sewers!

    Ah, they do grow up so quickly! The year my first gran turned 10, she proudly told me she was in the " double digits". Once they get there it flies!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Happy birthday Mr. Eleven.

    If I had spent an entire day in ANY sewing room I would be pulling my hair out and saying more "shoot fire spit snots" than I had in the rest of my life put together. I am NOT a seamstress.

    In fact, my mother was such a perfectionist seamstress that when she attempted to teach me to sew, she instilled in me a terrible HATE of that particular activity.

  6. Yes. It WAS just yesterday. :) The time just keeps on flying by, doesn't it? I'm a weather geek too. And I'm not happy that we haven't really had winter yet. I'm still hopeful however. Wasn't that footage of the meteorite AMAZING? Wow. Just wow.

  7. i haven't paid much attention to the news about the space stuff hitting earth. However, I have paid close attention to the Carnival Cruisers who finally came to port this morning near my hometown of New Orleans. I guess if I had to choose I would prefer a week of drifting on a cruise ship in the Gulf even if the bathrooms didn't work over being hit by a meteor or asteroid.

  8. happy early birthday to T#1!! Time does go by so fast! Today I was "doing the math" to see what year my youngest grand-nephew would graduate; he was born in 2009 so I figured he would high school graduage in 2027; sounds like a long time away but will be here before we know it (assuming we are still here and assuming Jesus hasn't come back :)


  9. I didn't even hear about the asteroid. Are we safe? Have a nice weekend.

  10. Can't wait to see T*2's quilt all put together! ~Jeanne

  11. Sounds like you are going to have some real TIME in that quilt by the time you get it finished. It will be priceless for sure!

    I'm with you, didn't know the difference in Asteroid and Meteoroid but Hubby and my brother helped me to understand it last evening. Yea! guess I might need that knowledge some time.

    Happy weekend!


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