Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Day Late, A Dollar Short?

When I came to the random thought on Wednesday’s Hodgepodge, I was stumped for something random … quite unlike me, yes I know.  And of course, today all I have is random.  Figures.

I saw this on Facebook … I thought it’d bring a smile to those of you who quilt or sew.Funny

I need a new pair of jeans, but I’m having a time of trying to find a pair that I like and that fit!  I’m not even worrying about length (I’ve got SHORT legs … I’m short anyway [5’2”] and am long torsoed, so my legs are even shorter than you’d expect … DD is 5’1” and has to push the seat back – a ways! - after I’ve driven her car).  I’m almost 63 and a Nana … I’m not interested in jeans designed for the 16-year-olds.  I would prefer classic jeans … I have never been a slave to the latest fashion trend … I’ll wear these jeans for a few years so I don’t want something that will be horribly dated in a year or two.  I’m not sure I have a style … I guess the best way to describe my style would be Lands End.  I would prefer plain denim … these denim blends bring back too many painful memories of my parents being too cheap frugal to spend the money for 100% denim jeans when I was a teenager.  I prefer jeans that sit at my waist … try as hard as I might to wear jeans or pants that ride lower, I can’t get over the urge to pull them up where they belong.  ha!  Unfortunately, I just don’t have much of a waist … so jeans that fit in the waist end up being a bit too baggy in the seat and thighs … not enough so that I can pull off wearing “skinny jeans”, but so much so that even traditional fit (vs relaxed fit) just doesn’t work.   Argh! 

We have above-freezing temperatures (just barely) and had rain yesterday … amazing how much snow is gone.  There are still great big piles of snow where the plows pushed all the snow, but they’re considerably smaller than they were two days ago.  It’s going to get into the upper 50s tomorrow … only here in Illinois can we go from –9 to 56 in a week’s time.  Crazy.

Over Christmas, I asked DH why he wasn’t a fan of hockey … I mean if it involves a ball of any kind, that man is glued to the TV.  His answer was that there wasn’t enough scoring in hockey.  Wouldn’t you know that the scores of the next 4 Blues games were 5-0, 6-2, 5-2 and 5-0.  Of course, after each game, I had to remind him that there just wasn’t enough scoring in hockey.  Alas, the Blues lost last night 2-1 … I just knew that he’d get a little revenge by reminding me that there isn’t enough scoring in hockey … and he didn’t disappoint.  Open-mouthed smile  Fun times here at Chez Nana!

I’m going to try a new crockpot recipe today … hope it turns out as good as it sounds.  It’s just a little after 10:00, and I’ve accomplished so much already this morning … caught up on blog reading, walked for an hour, got dinner in the crockpot and have even published a post.  I guess I should “reward” myself with some time with my needle and thread.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'd definitely say you deserve a reward! :*) I'm hoping to get in a little needle time today too.

    I haven't shopped for jeans in FOREVER!! I picked up a couple pair in Goodwill last year just to have them. I hate buying clothes since I gained weight.

  2. I too have trouble with the newer styles of jeans...I like them to sit at my waistline too!! Hope you have a fun quilting weekend!!

  3. I buy my jeans at Kohls and get the petite short size. I am 5 ft 4 inches.

  4. That is a wonderful start to your day, I do think you need a big reward of the needle and thread.
    You know I am short. My favorite jeans now come from Kohls. Petite. I think the ones I like the best are Lee Jeans. I have tried so many and they all have that problem of riding down around my hips. Now that I have got these I am one happy camper. In the meantime I feel guilty at all of the ones I have out in my shed.
    I do hope you find some. Who knew that it would get so hard to find jeans. Have a lovely day,
    I got my chicken pen cleaned, that is about it so far.

  5. I commented but it didn't go through and if it did then you can delete one of them. I am the same way with jeans and I don't have a waist so when the waist fits everything else is baggy. Hope you like your new recipe. I'm packing up Christmas and making some sweet potato chips for the dogs.

  6. Oh, jeans have been and always will be a real pain. But, I have had great luck with the So Slimming Jeans at Chicos. Love them!

    Well, you certainly do deserve an award for being so productive. I've been that way today and have even amazed myself in all that I've gotten done.

    Happy Saturday!

  7. Glad to see your "randomness" is back! Be sure to share the crockpot recipe if it is good! I like Jag jeans - they have a little spandex and I can wear them 3 - 4 days!!! Cost a little more but I love them. Since you have accomplished so much, hope your are quilting! ~Jeanne

  8. You probably wouldn't want to know what kind of jeans I wear, haha. Elastic waist and stretchy fabric for me. I have them in every color denim they come in and wear them pretty much every day but Sun (and sometimes even then, haha) At 5 ft. 6 and 1/2 inches I never have any problem finding these jeans as I think I am the average height for a woman. You lady have been very productive today! I forced myself to cut out the batting for the rag quilt this morning before we left for lunch and a movie, having already cut the front and back pieces yesterday. Now somewhere in the next couple of hours I have to find the time to embroider one of the squares to say, Jesus loves Me, so that I will be all ready to whip the quilt together on Mon, and finish it up by Tues. Tomorrow will be church and then Charger football. Hope the rest of your day went well and you got lots of stitching time! `

  9. Jeans can be tough. The last pair I bought was from the thrift store (looked almost new. The biggest problem I have is wear the waistline sits. I don't like them sitting at the waist put I also don't want to feel like I am in constant need of pulling them up. I have had good luck with Lee's in the past

  10. My daughter is 4'11" so she knows that everything has to be hemmed. The tailor makes a ton of money off her.

  11. That is a funny "funny"! I know what you mean about jeans. I bought my last two pair at Sears...amazed to find some I liked so much, So I bought a a blue pair and a black pair. Hope you find some you like!

  12. How did that crock-pot recipe turn out? I've been looking for a gray cardigan sweater all winter. One that actually buttons. No luck. It's frustrating to not find basic clothing items. I've had some luck with basic jeans at Macy's or Herberger's. Don't know what you might have near you.

  13. Jeans! I could do an entire post on that subject.

    I could never find a pair that fit correctly, so I gave up trying, years ago! Just who do they make today's jeans to fit, anyway?

    As for me? I'm a knit or polyester girl--when I'm able to wear slacks at all, that is.

    Wishing you well with your search for jeans :) May you find the perfect pair!

  14. Hahaha! I love the irony vs. wrinkly! I love hockey, but my husband doesn't care for it because of all the unnecessary fighting. Ugh! I grew up going to Capital games...and luckily, here in Huntsville-of all places, we have the Channel Cats!

    Hope your quest to find new jeans to wear works out!!! :)

  15. You can never go wrong with cooking in the Crock Pot, as far as I'm concerned! You'll have to share your recipe, if it ends up being a keeper! I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit just right, too! I'm 4'11" on a good day. Every pair I buy has to be hemmed. I just never seem to be pleased.


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