Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Blizzard of 2014

There’s not a lot going on around here … snow, wind and cold temperatures!  As a result, lots of quilting.  I stayed in my jammies Sunday and Monday … and just might again today.  Winking smile  Of course, since my jammies are a pair of sweats, it’s easy to just put them back on in the morning … warm and toasty. 

I wanted to get out and get some pictures of the huge drifts out front … but it’s just too stinkin’ cold … and to be honest, I’m not sure that my photography skills are adequate to do justice to the drifts.  We got 14.5-15”, and with winds gusting up to 30-35mph, there are places where the snow is 3-4’ high and places where there’s just the thinnest layer of snow, not even covering the grass. 

DH got out yesterday and cleared our driveway (so much for his assertion that buying the snow blower would ensure no more snow this winter – ha!).  I admit that as I watched out the window, I thought for a moment or two that I’d get dressed and get out there and help.  But he was making such good progress … even through the 4’ wall of snow left behind by the snow plows … it would take me 3x as long to clear anything with a shovel.  Besides, I remembered how much pain I felt in my hands after walking outside in the 30-degree weather last week … I didn’t even want to contemplate how they’d feel after being out in –8 degree weather!  I’m so proud of him … not only did he clear our driveway, but he helped several of our neighbors with theirs. 

So I stayed inside and quilted.  After all, it’s National Hobby Month, so I had to, right?  I continue to make progress, but I’ll spare you the pictures … like I said Sunday, what I can show you now will look exactly like what I’ve already shown you … so I won’t bore you with more.

DH and I finally got a wild hair and took down all our Christmas decorations last night … truthfully, I got the wild hair and DH had no choice but to come along for the fun.  ha!  I don’t know why, but we always have such a difficult time putting together and taking apart artificial trees … I’d forgotten that when we bought this artificial tree.  Confused smile  There was a moment last night when I was definitely regretting our decision to go artificial this year … but we finally got the tree taken apart and back in its box (sort of … it’d be back in its box if the box was about twice the size … no amount of coaxing would get that tree collapsed together like it was when we opened the box).  Without the Christmas decorations, the house looks so empty.  Sad smile

Temperatures will actually get above 0 today, so things are slowly but surely returning to normal in this neck of the woods.  I’m going to enjoy my last home-bound day … quilting, of course! 

Stay warm, everyone!


  1. Good morning! wow that is very cold...thank God you have a warm, safe place to be. Our artificial tree (which we have had every year for the last 6, NEVER did fit back into it's original box, haha. It comes in 3 sections (it is 7 ft.) and so we simply put the top section (which is smallest) into a HUGE plastic sack and seal it shut and store it on top of the box that holds the other two. We have no idea how it ever fit with all 3, lol. However as hassely as it is, it is still preferable to cleaning a bajillion needles up off the floor, lol Enjoy your snow day, stay snug and warm, and sttitch away!

  2. I gave up on putting the tree back into the box. We bought a heavy duty "tree" bag at Lowe's that the three pieces fit into much better than the box.

  3. It is still bitter cold here too and the snow drifted and I am ready for spring.

  4. Got most of my Christmas down yesterday, but have yet to tackle the tree!
    Oh, stay inside and keep stitchin'. : )

  5. Glad you all are OK... the cold here has been INSANE!!!

    Our house always looks so naked after Christmas

  6. Stay warm and have a great day quilting. Can't wait for the day to come when I can stay home during weather like this. haha

  7. Oh so cold. I was so glad you said it was national hobby month. Now I will enjoy hooking without guilt.
    I can't imagine that cold or the winds or the snow.
    Enjoy your home bound day. I hope you get lots of quilting done.

  8. We still have our decorations up but that is because Hubby hurt his shoulder moving all that snow. So we still are looking at it all. I agree, it's just too cold and I'm with you on being outside for any amount of time at all. Just letting the dogs out hurts my lungs! Stay warm!

  9. We won't even talk about what the weather is like in Minnesota. It was so nice to come home after being gone for almost two weeks to the driveway all cleared (thanks to Hubby;s co-worker who was watching our house).

    I've been too busy digging out from under all the stuff we dragged back with us and dirty laundry to get into my sewing room. I need to do some serious organizing in there!

  10. Absolutely. One MUST observe National Hobby Month. Plus, it's just smart!

  11. I like the idea of staying warm and toasty in jammies all day. Glad it is warming up a bit.

  12. Glad you have the snow blower! Way to go on getting the decorations and tree packed up. I'm starting on Friday. Stay warm and safe.

  13. Oh, those trees NEVER go back in the original box and it is so aggravating.

    I guess everyone is having cold, cold weather and lots have white stuff to go along with it. We do not have any snow but it was 16 this morning and I had to get out in it and I nearly froze. I can't imagine the snow and temps you all are experiencing. Wowzeers!

    Hope it warms up soon!

  14. Wow, that's a LOT of snow! It sounds like you really know how to spend these cold days :)

    It's always a challenge getting the artificial tree back in the box! At least our new one was a bit easier than its predecessor!

  15. I thought we had a lot of snow-wow girl! Glad your hubby has a snowblower though. Hubby and I use shovels and it is so tiring. Hope your weather clears shortly. WE are home again-I so want to quilt but know I'll have to start packing again.
    Hugs today.


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