Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Whole Lot of Nothing Much


It’s been almost a whole week since I last blogged … you’d think I’d have a lot to report … but then again, those of you who’ve followed along for very long probably already know that’s not necessarily the case.  It was a busy, fun, exhausting 6 days … just not the most exciting for blogging about … but  that’s my life these days, and truth be told, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Winking smile


Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent at an out-of-town swim meet.  Because of the Ts’ age range, we were there from the time they opened the doors until the last event … that made for some pretty long days, but I just love seeing this:


and especially this:



My neighbor and I were going to go walking this morning, but I passed … I can’t remember the last night I got a good, full night’s sleep … besides, I’d rather stay inside where it’s warm and cozy when it looks like this:

Snow Jan 21 001

and feels like this:



Besides, I haven’t picked up my needle and thread since Thursday … I’m long overdue for a day spent quilting!  Winking smile


Over the last week, I’ve come across a couple of “funnies” that you who are quilters might enjoy:

Quilter - broke

Quilting - truth!


Time to get up and get reacquainted with my needle and thread.  Have a terrific Tuesday, you all!


  1. It sounds like my life. I love the cute statements at the end!

  2. I love most sporting events as it is, but when you add grands to the mix well now it is really a win win...I honestly don't know if I COULD walk when it was only 13 out, lol Maybe I would be used to it, but that just sounds soo cold I think I would be in doors too. I used warm and natural on mine quilt. I used it on all of my runners too and also on the burp cloths when I make them. I love the stuff. It adds just the right amount of warmth and thickness to the quilts in my opinion. And I agree with you btw, TOO much quilting takes away from the work rather than enhancing it. But I have seen some truly beautiful pieces. I am going to bind the quilt this morning and really hope it goes well. I got it squared up yesterday and I was soo nervous about that for some reason. It came out well so I am glad it is behind me. I want it perfect...TOO much to ask, lol? Enjoy your day Kathy!

  3. Sounds like you have kept yourself quite busy really! lol Hope you get to stitch today... I am starting my second swirly block and excited for the first one to get photographed :) Hope you share pics soon of the progress you make today on your Storm at Sea quilt! Kathi

  4. You are a very busy lady!! Enjoy!

  5. How lovely to be ABLE to spend the days watching the grandkids! What a nice life, despite not getting around to any quilting LOL!

  6. What a cutie with the trophy.

    Enjoy your day quilting.

  7. You had had a busy week. Thread and needle sound like the perfect therapy for today. Enjoy.

  8. I don't quilt... nor cook or clean... I need to find an excuse :)

  9. Ahhh - sounds like The Good Life to me!!! What a cute, cute picture of him holding that trophy :*)

    Stay in and keep warm - it is actually snowing at my house today too - so beautiful!!!

  10. Winters like this one are good ones to stay in! Love your funnies - that's my husband! ~Jeanne

  11. Well, hope you have had a fun day of quilting. It's beautiful here but the cold is coming tomorrow, so I need to come up with some serious inside project for sure. Happy day!

  12. Funny quotes! Congrats to the trophy winner...I know you were all excited! Glad you decided to stay in and stay warm! :-)

  13. That was a lot of time watching swim meets but I know it was worth it! It's been chilly, stay warm and I would have stayed inside too.


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