Thursday, June 5, 2014

This and That Thursday


I was able to spend a nice chunk of time in the sewing room yesterday.  I’m sewing blocks together … pairs of blocks, and  I’m about halfway through.  Of course, when I’ve pairs sewn together, it’ll be time to take those pairs and sew them together to make rows … and then I’ll have to sew the rows into a top.  Winking smile 


I have to admit that when DD suggested changing from the herringbone design to a chevron design, I was a little concerned how it would turn out … but after I laid out several blocks, I have to admit that I think it’s going to be beautiful.photoDD did a little searching and determined that she’d like to add borders to the quilt … a narrow dark inner border with a “medium” outer border (using the darker gray from the quilt top).  Here’s her inspiration for the border (source: have enough of the darker gray for the outer border (and binding) and ordered the dark for the inner border last night.  She chose Kona’s Pepper … it’s almost black without the harshness of black.  While the fabrics and design are not what I would choose, I’m really enjoying how these are coming together and looking forward to getting back into the sewing room today. 


I didn’t spend quite as long in the sewing room as I had anticipated … I got a phone call asking if I wanted some T-time so DD and DSIL could have a date night.  As you all know, time with my Ts will always trump time in my sewing room, so my answer was yes.  I was rewarded with seeing the 4 of them play (1)


Thankfully we didn’t get any of the awful storms they’d forecast … we had some heavy rains and strong winds … and now we’re getting the cooler temperatures.  We’ll definitely have the windows open today … as soon as it warms up enough.  Winking smile


Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!



  1. send that cool air down here lol - I love to have cool days in June we know we won't get many. Nice that you live close enough to see the grandchildren mine are 14 hours away

  2. Glad the storms didn't hit you!
    The Chevron quilt will be very nice!

  3. I think the quilt will look fabulous.

    T-time is better than sewing time anyday.

  4. The quilt is really going to be pretty.
    Glad the storms bypassed y'all, and that you got some unexpected time with the T's! :)

  5. Oh I am so glad you didn't get that weather, I kept thinking and praying for you and your family.
    It looked so big on the weather maps.
    How nice that you got a picture of all of them playing together. Doesn't it make you happy?
    That quilt is just going to be beautiful. I love the colors.
    Have a lovely day with your nice cool weather, I am sure it will be lovely.

  6. Happy the worst of that storm did not get you. I am loving the quilt soo far! It is going to be so pretty! I think I will like the borders on too. You honestly wouldn't believe the sewing dilemma's I was on yesterday. I will probably post about it later. LOVE the pic of your precious T's playing together. I know how that warms your heart. Enjoy your day!

  7. The quilt is going to be beautiful. So glad you had T-time. Looks like they were having fun.

  8. Looks like the T's have quite the set up! Good to know others houses look like that too =).
    Pretty quilt and love the border she selected.
    I took the kids to Walmart to pick up some journals for them (they sent homework home for the summer - lots of it!) and made a decision to let them select fabric to make some pillowcases. We'll see how they do sewing them together this afternoon with some help from Mommy. Day one of vacation - play date in the morning and sewing in the afternoon =)

  9. The quilt is really going to be pretty. Sweet picture of the T's.

  10. I love chevron - especially in grey!!!

    Yep - we were supposed to get those storms too & we just got a few sprinkles. Thank you Jesus :)

  11. I am glad the storms missed you!! I think the chevron pattern is looking very good! The borders will be great! Sometimes it seems the sewing into rows part is tedious,I like making the blocks the best. Why, I don't know?

  12. Hi, I love the blue and white together-but always have. I once made a charm square and it was a bear paw that was white with blue-always wanted to make a quilt like that. Your T's are so fun and I know you are the best nana. Hope you have a great evening.

  13. Your quilt sounds fabulous for your dd :) So glad she is getting one with all her hearts delights included ... and including made by mom! Glad you got in some T time :) Enjoy sewing over the weekend if you get to! Kathi

  14. Well, it's getting hotter here. Normal, but not necessarily welcome! Glad the quilt is coming along and that you had some "grand" time!!

  15. That is going to be a striking quilt! I think your daughter chose well for her borders, too. Can't wait to see the grand finale!


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