Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge




It’s Wednesday … not only that, but the LAST Wednesday of the month.  Where in the world did June go???  I know … I say that so often at the end of every month, but it’s true … time is just flying by.  Anywho, why not join in the Hodgepodge fun?


1. What summer activity most takes you back to your own childhood?

Catching fireflies.


2. What's your favorite summer smell?

This answer won’t be very PC, but I love the smell of suntan lotion.  My second choice would be a freshly mown lawn.

3. It's beach season in the US of how do you feel about sand?

I love, love, love sand … on the beach.  I love taking my shoes off and digging my toes into the sand.  I Red heart the sand here most especially!photo

4. Sun tea, SunChips, sunflower seeds, Capri Sun, Sunny Delight, Sun-Maid raisins, sun-dried tomatoes...your favorite food or beverage with sun in its name?

SunChips.  Garden Salsa.  I don’t buy them … I don’t trust myself not to eat the whole bag!

5. What's your favorite way to cool off on a hot summer day?

Swim … too bad we don’t have a pool out back.  <sigh>

6. Share a favorite song with the word sun or sunshine in its title.

You Are My Sunshine.  I have always sung it to my grands when putting them down for their naps.  If I’m with them at naptime and forget, they make sure that they remind me to sing it to them.

7. Tell us about a time you had an exceedingly good or truly awful customer service experience. If it was awful, did you report it? Ever go back there again?

A few weeks ago I shared a fabulous experience I had at Homestead Hearth HERE. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Look!  Look what I found on my stroll around the garden yesterday afternoon!DSC00003And this was taken with my new camera!  Woo hoo!  Pretty good for my first picture (and shooting one-handed as I had to hold back the rest of the plant to be able to get a halfway decent shot of this zucchini).  After all this time and so many blossoms that never produced a single zucchini, I’d begun to think that we’d never get any!  Woo hoo!  (Can you tell that I’m a little excited?)


I got my new glasses and I’m currently in a love-hate relationship with them.  The prescription changed, so that’s taking a little getting used to … and I’m not 100% sure that the right eye is correct … although it was the lens with the most change, so I’ll have to give it a few days to see.  I also need to adjust to being able to see distances clearly through the distance portion of the lenses rather than the close portion … I find myself tilting my head to see out of the very bottom of the lenses out of habit.  Winking smile  I love how the frames look and I love how lightweight they are … but they fit differently on my face than my old ones, so there’s some adjusting I have to do there, too.  Those of you who wear glasses will know what I mean.


By the time I got home yesterday from running errands after going to pick up my glasses and then tidying up around the house , there just wasn’t time to get in any sewing.  Got a couple of the Ts coming over after swim practice this morning, so no sewing today.  Hopefully tomorrow.     


Ok, that’s three random thoughts … but then I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Random.  ha!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. Yay - zucchini! So great that your garden is thriving. We have 4 containers for our garden but no zucchini - I'm sure a neighbor will supply some though! I love when the garden starts providing. Good luck getting used to your glasses - hopefully they'll serve you well. On our way to Farmer's Market in Madison, WI this AM. I'll check out what everyone else found in their gardens... ~Jeanne

  2. New glasses are hard to get use to. I wear contacts, but lately purchased new glasses and it took awhile for me to get use to them. Zucchini-yummy!!!

  3. Have you ever eaten zucchini flowers? I had them in Italy stuffed with ricotta cheese. Oh my!!

    I have a new prescription but haven't had time to go upgrade my glasses. They do take getting used to.

  4. Don't know how I forgot You are my sunshine! Been singing it for years and And YAY on the zucchini, but double YAY on the new camera...the picture is FANTASTIC! Was it on automatic mode or did you use a setting on it? New glasses are always an adjustment period for sure. Though my prescription has not changed in years and years. Didn't touch my machine yesterday as I spent the day enjoying (and spoiling a little bit!)two of my grandsons. Such a fun day. But back to the machine today. Enjoy your day!

  5. I can so relate to the new glasses. I just got mine a few weeks ago.

  6. I always sang 'You Are My Sunshine' at naptime, too :) Our youngest grand won't let me rock or sing to him. Boo!

    I SO excited about your zucchini!!! Our spring/summer garden is almost over. I'm thinking about a very small fall garden... I have two weeks to decide.

    I feel your pain on adjusting to the new glasses. I'm still working on that, and it's been over 3 months! I tend to gravitate toward the old ones :)

  7. so relate to the glasses - I have to get mine adjusted once again. I now have 3 or 4 zucchini growing 3 yellow squash - my blossoms kept falling off too.

  8. Abby has worn glasses since she was 4, so I can definitely relate what you're going through right now. Happens to her every single time. Love me some fresh zucchini! Your camera takes good shots...what kind did you get? I always sang "You Are My Sunshine" to my girls when they were little.

  9. Love Zucchini! With your answers being so close to mine, I think we could be sisters! :)

  10. I always sang that song to my kids.
    I got new glasses in January and they need adjustment now. Too lazy to go in...

  11. I hate getting used to new glasses :(

    Look at your first pic! Great job! & YUMMY too!

  12. I never got used to bifocals so I wear my glasses for distance only. I have been lucky and my eyes haven't changed in nearly 20 years.

  13. The garden salsa Sun Chips are very good. They have a nice little bit of zip to them. And a zucchini? I am jealous! It's going to be a few weeks yet before we see any.

  14. Ah, yes… we too caught fireflies, although in Ohio where I grew up we called them "lightening bugs". We loved to run around and catch them after they lit up - and then put them into a jar. Thinking back it was pretty cruel. Great fun as a kid tho!

  15. Just popping over from the hodgepodge! I just introduced my 2 year old to fireflies yesterday evening. She is enthralled. =) Great Answers! Enjoyed reading your post.
    Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  16. Stopped by from the hodgepdge. LOVE your cover photo at the top of your blog, what a precious memory to have. X.

  17. Hi there, Loved hearing these thoughts-especially about how helpful the gal at the quilt store was(in your other post). I am getting my eyes checked on Friday-don't think there is a difference in distance but definitely close up. It's been two years since I got new ones, so bet I'll need a new pair. Glad you love your camera-can't remember what brand you got?
    Hope you got some sewing done today.
    Hugs, Noreen

  18. Great summertime questions and answers!

  19. New glasses can take a few days to get used to. I am so glad a zucchini has made an appearance in the garden! I am going to try to answer each of the hodgepodge questions: 1) a road trip, my family always took a trip in the summer, by car, sometimes because my Dad was being stationed in a new place 2)freshly cut grass 3) I love to walk in the sand on the beach, I don't like to camp on the beach, sand gets into everything! 4) Sun tea 5) go for a swim 6) You are my Sunshine 7) When I went to AT&T to get my iPad, the young man there was so helpful and explained everything so well 8) My random thought, I wish it would stop raining so much and we could have a few sunny days!

  20. Love the smell of the earth when it rains! Yes and I remember falling asleep with a jar of fireflies next to the bed. Thanks for the memories.

  21. You and I share that Queen's throne! ;) I completely understand the glasses dilemma and adore all things SUMMER... this is my favorite season! Enjoy these days... life is GOOD!

  22. Great picture of the zucchini. Glad you like your new camera.

    My glasses always take some getting used to too.


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